Apr 12, 2024

What’s new at Supermetrics in April 2024

3-MINUTE READ | By Tea Korpi & Ha Tran & Isha Shinde

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[ Updated Apr 12, 2024 ]

New month, new updates! In this article, we’ll walk you through the latest product improvements, new connectors, reporting templates, and content.

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Keep calm and save your historical Universal Analytics data

Let’s address the elephant in the room. If you’re using Google Analytics, you probably received this reminder from Google.

Universal Analytics is going away for good, and so is your UA data—if you haven’t moved them into a data warehouse. Saving historical UA data in a data warehouse helps you:

  • Eliminate the risks of losing important data and reports while setting up your GA4 property
  • Centralize your Universal Analytics data with other marketing data
  • Feed the data to a BI tool like Looker Studio or Power BI for data visualization
  • Perform historical and long-term trend analysis
  • Benchmark the metrics against the new ones in GA4

We’ve put together some useful resources:

Marketing Intelligence Cloud updates

Introducing Supermetrics Storage

The best way to deal with slow Looker Studio reports is to store your data in a data warehouse before visualizing it. However, setting up a data warehouse can be challenging if you don’t have the technical knowledge in-house to set it up and maintain it.

That’s why we’re adding Supermetrics Storage to the Marketing Intelligence Cloud. It’s a secure and easy-to-use solution that gives you the same benefits you’d get from a data warehouse without the technical requirements. You can start building your data repository and experiments with more complex reports without worrying about slow loading time.Supermetrics Storage is opt-in by design, so you can choose which data you want to store. Note that Supermetrics Storage is available as part of the Marketing Intelligence Cloud.

Product updates for Custom Fields

Custom Fields is a data transformation feature in Marketing Intelligence Cloud that allows marketers to customize and get the exact data they need. We’ve made several updates to improve your experience when using Custom Fields.

Custom field templates

Creating custom fields just got a bit easier. We published templates for our most used custom fields, currency conversion, extract text & pick part, and changing date formats. 

These templates automatically suggest what to transform—all you need to do is select which data source from which you want to do it.

Preview window for the ‘Split text pick part’ function

Splitting your text field, such as the campaign name, into multiple parts using the Split text pick part -function is one of the most popular use cases for Supermetrics Custom Fields. To make this even more accessible, we’ve added a preview window to see which part of your text field the function returns before you even create the field. 

Suggested fields

Suggested fields help you find the most suitable fields based on your selected function. You won’t have to search through a long list of metrics and dimensions. For example, if you want to convert your currency, you’ll immediately see a list of different types of budgets you can add to your report.

New early-access connectors

This month, we’re bringing you two new connectors, including:

  • Google Search Ads 360: As Google is deprecating the old Search Ads 360 UI, we’ve released a new Google Search Ads 360 connector to accommodate the change. With it, you can centralize all campaign data across different search engines in one view and uncover insights.
  • Kwai Ads: Kwai (Kuaishou) is a social network for short videos and trends. With this connector, you can pull your ad campaign data from Kwai and report the performance and spending to your reporting tools.

To access these connectors, log in to your Supermetrics Hub, click ‘Connect’, choose ‘Data sources’, and search for the connector you want to try.

Want to pull data from a brand-new platform? Head over to the Supermetrics product roadmap and leave us a request.

New reporting templates for Looker Studio

LinkedIn Revenue Attribution Report

You can use this 3-page template to see how your LinkedIn ad campaigns influenced closed won deals and business revenue. It’ll help you answer questions such as:

  • What is the overall trend in revenue won over the specific time period?
  • How does revenue performance vary month over month?
  • How have leads, open opportunities, and closed-won deals performed over the specific period?
  • How do ROAS and CP fluctuate on a monthly basis, and are there any patterns?
  • How have leads, open opportunities, and closed-won deals performed over the specific period?
  • Which campaigns have contributed the most to revenue, and what distinguishes them?
LinkedIn Revenue Attribution Report template for Looker Studio by Supermetrics

Get the LinkedIn Revenue Attribution Report >>

TikTok Ads overview

This template helps you deep dive into your TikTok Ads performance and figure out:

  • How much your TikTok campaigns have spent
  • How many clicks and impressions your campaigns have generated
  • The best-performing campaigns
  • How different markets are performing in comparison
TikTok Ads overview report template for Looker Studio by Supermetrics

Get the TikTok Ads overview template >>

Google My Business overview

You can use this template to stay on top of your Google My Business listing’s visibility, engagement, and reputation. It’ll help you answer the following questions:

  • How many times was your location searched on Google Search?
  • How many times was your location viewed on Google Maps?
  • How many times was the website clicked?
  • How many times was the phone number clicked?
  • How many reviews has your business received on Google?
Google Business Profile (Google My Business) template for Looker Studio by Supermetrics

Get the Google My Business overview template >>

Content picks

Blog: Supermetrics for data transformation: Top 7 use cases for marketers

Since we introduced the Supermetrics Marketing Intelligence Cloud in 2023, data transformation features like custom fields and data blending have quickly become our users’ new favorites.

In this article, I’ll discuss seven ways you can use custom fields and data blending to manipulate, customize, and get a holistic view of your data, including: 

  • Convert currencies dynamically
  • Manage campaign naming convention
  • Normalize text
  • Calculate agency markup
  • Monitor performance across paid channels
  • Track organic social performance
  • Calculate the ROAS of different paid channels

Read Supermetrics for data transformation.

Customer success story: How Benefit Cosmetics boosts reviews, analyzes performance, and makes better decisions with Supermetrics

Benefit Cosmetics is a global beauty leader with over 8,000 stores. The team relies on customer reviews to inform its marketing strategy. They pulled review data from Google Business Profile (Google My Business) directly from Google’s API. However, Google deprecated the API, making it impossible for Benefit to get data. They needed to find a solution to maintain the company’s competitive edge.

We caught up with Rebecca Friedberg, Director of Marketing Analytics & Insights at Benefit, to learn how they use Supermetrics to:

  • Analyze reviews and rating data from Google Business Profiles
  • Identify underperforming markets and optimize their presence in every market
  • Streamline data integration process

Read the full story.

Podcast: The right data for better decisions

In this episode of The Marketing Intelligence Show podcast, we caught up with Evan Kaeding, Director of Solutions Engineering, to dissect the relationship between effective marketing decisions and data. Tune in to learn:

  • Four types of marketing decisions—optimization, tactical, operational, and strategic
  • Factors impacting marketing decisions—frequency and data volume
  • What on-demand and centralized data mean
  • Tools for effective data-driven decision-making

Listen to the full episode.

Supermetrics goes OMR Festival 2024

From top international speakers presenting on multiple stages and masterclasses to a two-day trade fair, side events, and guided tours, OMR is a must for digital marketers and businesses.

We’re thrilled to have our team members David, Marvin, and Asta attending the OMR event in Hamburg on the 7th and 8th of May. Spot our team on-site and catch up with them to learn how you can maximize your marketing returns with better data. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with our experts and explore strategies to enhance your marketing efforts. See you at OMR!

And that’s a wrap for April! We’ll see you again in May with more exciting updates.

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