We’ve added scheduled refreshing & emailing to Supermetrics for Google Docs

With Supermetrics for Google Docs, you can build online dashboards combining data from social media, web analytics and online marketing platforms. Unlike other online dashboarding tools in the market, the data processing happens inside Google spreadsheets, so you have complete control over everything: you can fetch exactly the data you want and add your own calculations and charts. With the latest update, we have now made this tool even better by adding the feature that you have most asked for.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 15.52.37
Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 16.03.18We’re happy to announce that you can now set up triggers that automatically refresh your Supermetrics queries and email the results. This means you can now

  • Ensure your results are always up-to-date by scheduling a daily refresh of queries. You no longer need to open the file and click the refresh button.
  • Share your results by scheduled email, so it’s simple to share with people who don’t use Google Docs.

We’ve put a lot of effort into making it simple to set up triggers. You can do so in just four quick steps:

  1. Click ‘Schedule refresh & emailing’ in the Supermetrics sidebar or the Add-ons menu, to launch the trigger window.
  2. Select the trigger type: daily refresh, or daily/weekly/monthly emailing.
  3. Type a destination email (if it’s an email trigger).
  4. Press ‘Store trigger’

You can also select whether to email all worksheets or just one, whether to email the results as a PDF attachment or as an HTML table in the message body, and you can modify the details of the email message like sender name and the subject. For each file, you can set up multiple triggers. Once you’ve set up a trigger, it will start running every day at around midnight GMT. If your trigger is a weekly or monthly one, it will be processed on the day of week or month you select when setting up the trigger.

Triggers are available now in both the Google Sheets and Google Docs versions of our add-on. We’d love to get your feedback on this and hear if there’s something we can improve!



2 Responses to “We’ve added scheduled refreshing & emailing to Supermetrics for Google Docs”

  1. Michael Davis

    This is a great feature!! One suggestion for you…
    Say I run a Supermetrics query and build a chart from the results of that query (or from a helper table where I can add my own column names for a legend). When I schedule an email to send a PDF of the sheet with my custom chart, the charts don’t show up.The only charts that show up are the charts that were developed straight from the supermetrics sidebar.

    Again, great work!!!

  2. Michael Davis

    Love the addition! Just a thought/suggestion: I’ve collected data into a table using a Supermetrics query and then referenced that table in a secondary table (so that I can add custom legends) and then built a chart from the secondary table. The charts that reference the secondary table don’t show up on the scheduled email (in PDF format) that I’m sending out. Any thoughts on that? Again, great work!!


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