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Here's how to use Supermetrics for web analytics

Centralize your web analytics data

Instead of logging into Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Adobe Analytics, and/or HubSpot to move data into your analytics platform of choice, you can use Supermetrics. Simply open the Supermetrics sidebar in Excel or Google Sheets, or use the Supermetrics connectors in Google Data Studio to consolidate all the metrics and dimensions you need from your go-to web analytics platforms. Alternatively, you can use Supermetrics to automate data transfers into any BI tool, cloud storage destination, or data warehouse.

Create interactive dashboards for your stakeholders

Stop wasting your valuable time on manually building weekly or monthly reports to your boss or clients. Instead, use Supermetrics to create interactive cross-channel web analytics dashboards in Google Data Studio, Looker, Power BI, or Tableau.

Set up scheduled data refreshes

You could, of course, manually copy/paste new data into your spreadsheet every hour/day/week/month. But if you're not into boring manual work, you can schedule automatic data refreshes with Supermetrics for Excel or Supermetrics for Google Sheets. Then, set up conditional emailing to stay on top of any critical changes in your numbers.

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Check out all the data source connectors

At Supermetrics, we specialize in building in-depth connectors that can pull all the metrics and dimensions that are available in the API of the original data source. We don't mess with your data under the hood, so you can always trust the data you get through Supermetrics.


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