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Here's how it works

1. Log in to Supermetrics.

2. Choose Snowflake as your destination and select the instance to which you'd like to move your data.

3. Set up your transfer by choosing the data source, the account, and the schema you'd like to use.

4. Voilà. You've now got your data flowing into Snowflake.

Take ownership of your cross-channel historical data

Instead of storing historical marketing data in spreadsheets or having to worry about each marketing platform’s unique data retention policy, why not automate your data transfers into Snowflake? With historical backfills and scheduled data transfers, you can rest assured that all the data you need for your cross-channel historical analysis is stored in one central location.

Build, save, and edit your schemas

If standard tables don’t have exactly what you need, you can build custom tables with Supermetrics for Snowflake. Manage, customize, edit, and save the extraction schemas you want to reuse and modify. Instead of building new extraction schemas from scratch, simply copy and edit an existing table structure.

Act on your data

You can connect Snowflake to Power BI, Tableau, or Qlik to analyze, visualize, and/or present your data. Alternatively, you can use Supermetrics’ native Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, or Excel connectors. With Supermetrics, you don’t have to manually configure your data or set data types for your fields as the connector does it for you.

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Why Supermetrics?

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Easy setup, no hassle

With Supermetrics, you don’t have to write a single line of code to push your marketing data into Snowflake. Simply choose the data sources, metrics, and dimensions you want from a drop-down menu, and your data will start flowing directly into Snowflake.

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Connector quality

Instead of shallow connectors that pull a fraction of the metrics and dimensions you need, we do our best to pull any and all the metrics that are available in the APIs of the most popular marketing data sources. And when something changes in the API one of those data sources, we’ll quickly reflect that change in our connector.

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Secure and stable data transfers

We don’t store any of your data — we simply take care of moving it. Your data is encrypted at the source and decrypted at the destination to make sure no one can access it during the transfer. Tracking and troubleshooting transfer errors is also easy, as our connectors instantly flag any issues.

Here's what our customers say

Zach Cooper, Director of Analytics, A Cloud Guru

"With Funnel, we quickly noticed that they didn’t cover all the data sources we needed and their pricing was also an issue for us. With Stitch, we actually got pretty far. The only problem was that Stitch didn’t connect with Reddit, Quora, and LinkedIn Ads, and the question was: Do we look at a tool for just those three, or do we go with Supermetrics because they have everything?"

Zach Cooper, Director of Analytics, A Cloud Guru

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