The ultimate reporting and analytics solution for Stripe.

Effortlessly move all your Stripe transaction and invoice data into spreadsheets, Google Data Studio and Google BigQuery.

Create your very own automated Stripe reports

Combine data from multiple Stripe accounts in a single report. Easily view data from each account.

Report across multiple Stripe dimensions, such as a report combining Transfers, Invoice, and Order data.

Get a 360 overview of your financial performance by combining your Stripe data with your marketing and web analytics data.

All Your Stripe Data In One Place

With Supermetrics you can bring all the metrics and dimensions you need for financial performance reporting, including:

  • Transaction status
  • Transaction amount
  • Fee amount
  • Invoice due amount
  • Invoice description
  • Balance amount
  • And much more…

Check out our full list of available metrics & dimensions here.

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