The ultimate reporting & analytics solution for HubSpot.

Effortlessly move all your HubSpot marketing & sales data into Google Sheets, Excel, and Data Studio.

Create your very own automated HubSpot reports

Combine data from multiple HubSpot portals and create multi-account reports.

Report across multiple HubSpot dimensions, such as a report combining Contact, Company, and Deal data.

Analyze your entire marketing performance by combining your HubSpot data with your ad, social, and web analytics data.

All Your HubSpot Metrics & Dimensions In One Place

With Supermetrics you can bring all the metrics and dimensions you need for marketing and sales reporting, including:

  • Lifecycle Stage Analysis
  • Email Performance
  • Web Analytics
  • CRM Deals & Pipeline
  • Company Info
  • Form Performance
  • And much more…

Check out our full list of available metrics & dimensions here.

Hear what our customers have to say

“We spent a lot of time on improving our processes, ensuring we could measure things accurately, and show the business impact of our work with clients. Supermetrics has helped us do this and now we’ve been working with bigger HubSpot clients and are expanding internationally into the United States.”

André Carlo

Accounts Director & Lead Strategist, Vuelo6

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