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Why Supermetrics

Connector quality

Rather than offering hundreds of connectors that pull limited data sets, we focus on pulling as many metrics and dimensions as possible from the most popular marketing platforms. After all, no one is going to build a marketing report with data from 400+ marketing sources.

Supermetrics integrates with dozens of carefully selected platforms and our most popular connectors include Facebook Ads, Instagram Insights, Google Ads, and Google Analytics.

You’ll be able to dig out all the metrics and dimensions you need. In fact, if you look carefully, you’ll even find some metrics and dimensions that aren’t available in native platforms.

Data integrity

You can trust the data you get through Supermetrics. Because we don’t mess with your numbers or field names, your data will get to you in a ready-to-use format.

Supermetrics retains the original schema, which is the logic according to which metrics are named and calculated, so it’s super easy for you to work with your data after it’s arrived at its destination. No sampling. No nonsense. Just clean data.

Loved by over half a million marketers

Over 500,000 marketers from 13,000+ companies big and small use Supermetrics to move their marketing data into spreadsheets, BI tools, and data warehouses. In fact, over 10% of global online ad spend is reported through Supermetrics.

We’re trusted by global brands like L'Oréal, Disney, Dyson, Nestlé, and the BBC, so you can rely on us.

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