What can I do with Supermetrics?

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Get rid of data silos

Aggregate your organic social data into your advertising and marketing platforms to create cross-channel reports and fully visualize your performance and spending.

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Access your Sprout Social data

Pull your Sprout Social data from multiple social media channels at the click of a button.

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Integrated with the tools you love

Move Sprout Social data to your existing reporting tools and create customized reports in minutes without ever leaving your spreadsheet or dashboard.

Here's what our customers say

Alexandre Piron Accenture Interactive

"We chose Supermetrics for Google Sheets because it’s a great tool that’s easy for anyone to use. Whatever you want to do in a spreadsheet, you can do with Supermetrics. Just add any formulas and run any queries that you normally would, but without having to worry about getting the right data into the spreadsheet first."

Alexandre Piron, Digital Media Specialist, Accenture Interactive

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