What can I do with Supermetrics?

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Get the full picture

Aggregate your Adjust data into your advertising and marketing platforms to understand the app traffic, retention, and conversions better.

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Access all your Adjust data

Pull your app data from Adjust at the click of a button. Pull metrics such as clicks, conversions, installs, and so much more.

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Integrated with the tools you love

Move Adjust data to your existing reporting tools and create customized reports in minutes without ever leaving your spreadsheet or dashboard.

Here's what our customers say

"Supermetrics has made it so easy to pull as much LinkedIn Ads data as I want without slowing things down. There’s no easier way of getting data into Google Sheets and Google Data Studio from any ad platform than Supermetrics."

AJ Wilcox, LinkedIn Ads Expert & Founder, B2Linked

Move your Adjust data to any destination

Whether you’re looking to create stunning dashboards in a data visualization tool or do some serious number crunching in a spreadsheet we’ve got your back.

Simply choose your data destination to get started.

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