From reporting to strategy: Kaimera's journey with Supermetrics for data-driven marketing

From reporting to strategy: Kaimera's journey with Supermetrics for data-driven marketing

Key takeaways

  • Established in 2016, Kaimera is an Australian media agency dedicated to making media simple and empowering "challenger" brands with a data-driven approach.
  • Before Supermetrics, Kaimera struggled with manual reporting and limited data analysis, which limited their ability to optimize campaigns and extract valuable insights for clients.
  • After using Supermetrics with one of their retail clients, Kaimera was able to identify high LTV customers for an ecommerce brand and achieve a 22% increase in campaign spend efficiency through a personalized, first-party data-led strategy.
  • With one of their B2B clients Kaimera also saw 3-4x increase in leads for a B2B brand with a +50% reduction in CPL.
  • With Supermetrics’ Marketing Intelligence Cloud, Kaimera can now perform complex analysis, generating advanced insights, and make strategic decisions across the entire business, not just marketing.

Quick facts

Industry: Advertising Services

Founded: 2016

Size: 40 employees

Markets: Australia

Products: Supermetrics for Looker Studio, Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Marketing Intelligence Cloud

Established in 2016, Kaimera is a full-service independent media agency in Australia dedicated to a singular mission — "making media simple for our clients."

More specifically, Trent McMillan, Chief Digital Officer and Co-Founder, and Nicolas Vargas, Head of Digital, set up Kaimera to empower "challenger" brands to achieve success through a data-driven approach. These agile and progressive companies find a perfect fit with Kaimera's independent structure and collaborative approach where they combine traditional offline channels, like TV and radio, with the full spectrum of online digital marketing.

The challenge

Prior to adopting Supermetrics, Kaimera faced challenges in managing and analyzing data from various marketing channels, like all agencies do. Manually generating reports in Excel was time-consuming and inefficient. Additionally, Trent says, "we found that many clients were either not getting the true value out of those reports, nor were they actually looking at the right spot."

This was the trigger, and Kaimera started looking for a new way to:

  • Automate all client reporting
  • Generate reports that were both insightful to the client and measured business outcomes
  • Free up time to focus their efforts on more value adding work, such as optimizing campaigns or extracting insights

Why Supermetrics

Kaimera chose Supermetrics for several key reasons:

  • Comprehensive connector library: Supermetrics offered a wide range of connectors, allowing Kaimera to connect to all their data sources, from online advertising platforms to offline channels.
  • Focus on business outcomes: By bringing data from ad platforms together with data from ecommerce and CRM platforms like Shopify and HubSpot, Kaimera can show the impact individual channels and campaigns are actually having on clients' businesses.
  • Real-time data visualization: Supermetrics enabled Kaimera to move away from static reports and create live bespoke reports, providing clients with near real-time insights and transparency.

Phase one: Clear and actionable reports

In the first phase, Kaimera used Supermetrics to connect their clients' on-demand data from all sources to generate internal and external reports in a clear and easy-to-digest format. This report has helped them save time, avoid errors, optimize campaigns based on data, and maintain transparency with clients.

Trent highlights, "Supermetrics is a great conversation starter for the team to actually identify what isn't working across our campaigns. Moreover, it aligns with our vision of simplifying media for our clients."

Client success stories

Nicolas has highlighted these two client stories to showcase how Kaimera leveraged Supermetrics to drive measurable success for their clients.

Client 1: Retail brand

  • Challenge: Identifying marketing channels that delivered customers with high customer lifetime value (CLTV) was difficult during peak shopping seasons and heavy discounting. The team had to unify six data sources, including media channels like Google, Meta, and TikTok, as well as website analytics and Shopify for sales data. Due to duplication across channels and the lack of a single view, it was nearly impossible to gauge the incremental uplift a sale or offer period actually delivered.
  • Solution: Supermetrics enabled the centralized view of marketing channels and also Shopify, allowing for CLTV analysis and identification of high-value customer acquisition channels.
  • Result: By prioritizing channels that drive higher CLTV customers and reducing reliance on discount-focused strategies, Kaimera achieved significant optimization in marketing spend. Although sales volumes spiked over 130% during these periods, they identified that 87% of these sales came from loyal customers, not new ones. This insight led to a 54% reallocation of sale campaign budgets toward targeting unknown audiences with the goal of converting them into brand loyalists.
  • Impact: This approach allowed the team to truly understand the impact of sales periods and pivot to an always-on, first-party data-led strategy. The strategy was more personalized to key audience segments, resulting in a 22% increase in campaign spend efficiency.

Client 2: B2B brand

  • Challenge: Measuring the impact of marketing campaigns across different platforms and tracking KPIs like lead volume and customer acquisition cost (CAC).
  • Solution: Supermetrics enabled data from various marketing tools and HubSpot to be brought in, providing a unified view of campaign performance.
  • Result: Kaimera achieved a remarkable 3-4x increase in lead generation and a 150-200% reduction in CAC, using the data-driven approach for campaign optimization.

Phase two: Unlocking deeper insights with centralized data

Kaimera recently adopted Supermetrics' Marketing Intelligence Cloud. This centralized platform allows them to manage, transform, and analyze data with ease, uncovering actionable insights that drive impactful strategic decisions.

Trent explained the reason saying, "We can see that our clients have gaps in terms of their skill sets about manipulating and utilizing data to actually help inform their business decision-making. We're trying to get ahead of the curve and ensure that we can offer advanced data manipulation and utilization as a solution to our clients."

With Supermetrics Marketing Intelligence Cloud, Kaimera is able to:

  • Combine and analyze data from various sources: This goes beyond just marketing data, encompassing sales, customer, and even competitor data.
  • Perform more complex analysis: The capabilities enable Kaimera to extract deeper insights and identify hidden patterns in the data.
  • Generate advanced insights: By leveraging these capabilities, Kaimera can provide clients with actionable insights that inform strategic decision-making across the entire business, not just marketing.

Using the power of advanced data analytics with Supermetrics Marketing Intelligence Cloud, Trent explains that, "We want to be able to give them an insight to help shape the tactics, the strategies they deploy, not just from a marketing standpoint, but also from a business standpoint. Supermetrics’ Marketing Intelligence Cloud enables us to do just that."

Want to elevate to helping clients make data-driven strategic business decisions? Start your free trial of Supermetrics, or contact our sales team to discuss it further.

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