How HP used Supermetrics to optimize campaign budgets across multiple channels and countries

How HP used Supermetrics to optimize campaign budgets across multiple channels and countries

Key takeaways

  • HP Inc. (HPQ) is a multinational information technology company who manufacture and sell personal computers (PCs), printers, related supplies, and 3D printing solutions.
  • The initial goal for HP was to create a dashboard that could display social media ads data for all the countries they had on a single page in Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio).
  • Soon after the initial goal they realized the actual potential for Supermetrics that created a dashboard that integrates data from various sources, that would automatically update with the data they needed and the perspective they wanted to consider.
  • HP Team uses Supermetrics’ connectors with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel for faster data manipulation, calculation and deep diving into data, and Looker studio for team level reporting and dashboards.
  • The Supermetrics’ new shared connection feature is a significant improvement for HP that saves time and improves collaboration and productivity by allowing shared reports to be easily edited without the hassle of fixing connections.

Quick facts

Industry: Information technology

Founded: 1939

Size: 58,000 employees

Markets: Global

Products: Supermetrics for Looker Studio, Supermetrics for Google Sheets

Hewlett Packard (HP) is a multinational IT company with a presence in 185 countries worldwide. Founded in 1939, HP has grown to become one of the world's leading printing and personal systems technology companies, manufacturing and selling personal computers (PCs), printers, related supplies, and 3D printing solutions.

How HP uses Supermetrics

After connecting their social media data, HP has two main use cases for Supermetrics, one on global performance reporting and another on internal performance efficiency.

Global Performance Reporting

By using Supermetrics, the team can effortlessly gather data from various channels and consolidate it into Looker Studio. From there, they can build visually appealing and interactive dashboards to share with all stakeholders, eliminating the need for manual data collection. This saves time and effort, enabling accurate and timely data and empowering data-driven decision-making across the organization.

Efficient Performance Management

The second major use case is to monitor traffic from different sources and review reports to ensure efficient budget management.

To make sure they manage traffic efficiently, the team needs to carry out a lot of ad-hoc analysis and also deep diving into large datasets, which typically requires speed, advanced calculations, and the flexibility of spreadsheets. Using Supermetrics with Google Sheets, the team can easily extract all the data through the sidebar and instantly analyze performance and act on their data.

Supermetrics x HP - Case study - Quote 1

Data access for everyone

In order to build a culture of data- and insights-driven marketing, one of Pascal’s major objectives was to ensure everyone had access to the data they needed to do their work.

Pascal says, “Previously, sharing Looker Studio dashboards required redoing connections with individual accounts, causing frustration and wasted time. With shared connections, team members can easily share their connections, eliminating the need to fix broken links when receiving templates. It’s made data available to everyone and the process of managing access is so much easier than with our old setup.”

One of Supermetrics’ new features, Shared Connections, streamlined the process of data access ensuring everyone across HP had the ability to pull data from wherever they needed it. With shared connections, Pascal can authenticate to a data source account once and make that connection accessible to his entire team. This means team members can access the necessary data without having to log in separately, they can just use the shared connection to fetch data.

Supermetrics x HP - Case study - Quote 2

Read more about shared connections.

Giving HP the freedom to explore data

Now that Pascal has implemented Supermetrics and given simple access via shared connections, it’s given HP’s teams freedom to explore data themselves. He strongly believes that truly understanding the impact of specific campaigns requires a deep dive into the details.

Supermetrics x HP - Case study - Quote 3

Maximizing the potential

After consolidating all their data using Supermetrics, HP has now been able to create granular reports on a country level, which is something they didn’t have access to earlier. Pascal says, “These reports display the comparison between the budget allocated and the weekly spending for each channel and campaign on a country and regional level. This report provides us with the means to monitor expenditure and results, giving us a comprehensive overview." 

In terms of next steps, Pascal sees the maximum potential by centralizing all their data into global reports that can then be customized and broken down into various views, which will allow his team and other key stakeholders to gain new insights and understanding on their performance.

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