Mar 10, 2020

Supermetrics now connects with Outbrain: track the ROAS of your native ads

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[ Updated Mar 10, 2020 ]

Quickly create advanced, automated dashboards with metrics from Outbrain. 

With 290 billion monthly discoveries Outbrain is one of the market leaders in native advertising. It’s no surprise that many of our customers have been requesting to report the results of their Outbrain campaigns with Supermetrics.

With the newest addition to our integration family, you can now export Outbrain data to Google Sheets, Excel, and Google Data Studio in just a few clicks.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Outbrain, one of the leading native advertising networks. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in native advertising spend, as its relevance and contextual placement helps marketers achieve higher returns on ad spend. Now Outbrain advertisers can easily get an overview of and analyze their campaign performance as well as compare it to other networks, in spreadsheets, Google Data Studio or BI tools,” shared Supermetrics CEO Mikael Thuneberg.

“This integration is critical to our needs as a business and in helping our customers succeed. With Supermetrics, our clients can better visualize their Outbrain data, providing a holistic view and improved analysis of campaigns. Our goal is to constantly provide additional resources to marketers to optimize the data they collect daily,” said Lior Charka, Head of Product at Outbrain.

Adir Ron, the Co-founder and CEO of Squareloot, has been using Supermetrics to report Outbrain data in Google Data Studio. He says, “The Outbrain report in Data Studio allows us to really quickly understand which ads and creatives are performing best for us. Consequently, this helps us optimize our performance on the fly really, really fast. If I would put a number on this, I would say using Supermetrics’ Outbrain connector reporting has improved our overall performance by at least 15%.”

Why should you use Supermetrics for native ad campaign reporting?

Now you can report on your Outbrain campaigns, budget, promoted links, publishers, geo, performance, and other metrics in a few clicks. Here are the key benefits of reporting Outbrain data with Supermetrics:

  • Streamline your reporting. Transfer your most important metrics directly to Google Sheets, Excel, or Data Studio.
  • Have Outbrain data at your fingertips. With our high-quality connector, all of your essential metrics and dimensions are available to you when you need them.
  • Bring your campaign reporting to the next level. Easily combine Outbrain data with metrics from 50+ other platforms in the same report, so you can compare and contrast your results and optimize for the best performance.

How Squareloot improved the efficiency of their Outbrain reporting by 15% with Supermetrics for Data Studio

Squareloot is a boutique marketing and growth consultancy focused on helping entrepreneurs and startups find product-market fit and build better products. The agency offers services that cover all the activities within their clients’ marketing pipeline: from strategy and product marketing, through campaign planning to implementation, optimization, and marketing reporting. Squareloot primarily works with B2B SaaS and B2C ecommerce companies.

Adir Ron is a marketing & growth expert and CEO at Squareloot. He oversees the execution of client projects at every stage. Squareloot started with Supermetrics about a year ago and uses Supermetrics for Data Studio connectors to report the performance of his clients’ Facebook Ads, Instagram Insights, and Outbrain.

The Squareloot team creates Data Studio Outbrain reports that give them and their clients a high-level performance review of the accounts, overall activity, and the ability to drill down and gain valuable insights quickly without having to dive deeper into an individual platform.

How Squareloot analyzes their Outbrain data in Data Studio

The report consists of five pages, each of which provides actionable insights into Outbrain campaigns. Because this particular client is a SaaS company, conversions are set up as custom metrics like signups and scroll percentage. In this case, Squareloot’s team promotes the client’s blog posts on Outbrain. Measuring scroll percentage is important to see how well the content performs.

Outbrain account health overview

The first page contains an account overview. It includes performance metrics like spend, clicks, CPC, CPA, signups, and page scroll percentage. Below the scorecards, trendlines of the same metrics are built to reflect development over time.

“This page of the dashboard is built using a default template that comes with the Supermetrics connector. We typically monitor our key metrics and their performance over the last 30 days to identify trends. We always compare the metrics to the previous period to get a better idea of their progression. At the bottom of this page, we see the top-performing campaigns,” says Adir.

Analyzing platform and device performance

After the overview, the team goes deeper into their campaign analysis. The second page of the report shows total conversions split by scroll percentage, as well as platform and device breakdowns.

“We want to measure how people are scrolling through the blog post and see the platforms and devices that people use to engage with our content. Because it’s fairly early in terms of the advertising spend on Outbrain, we took clicks as the primary metric,” Adir explains.

Publisher performance analysis

The following page helps analyze the performance of key metrics by publisher.

“For us, it is very interesting to see the spread of impressions and clicks when it comes to different publishers. Also, it is important to understand where signups are coming from,” says Adir.

Monitoring campaign image and title performance

Next comes the most important part of the report: a detailed campaign analysis.

“First of all, we break down the key metrics by title and creative image. We monitor clicks, CPC, and CTR. This report is especially valuable for us because it contains granular data that helps us understand how to optimize campaigns,” says Adir. The last page of the report combines the titles and creatives to help the team see how each campaign item performs on its own and how they perform together.

Adir explains, “This is the page our account manager spends most of his time on. We want to see the combination of link text and image and how they performed in terms of CPC and CTR. This helps us instantly see where we are wasting money on combinations that don’t work and where we have opportunities that we can capitalize on in terms of good CTR.”

If Squareloot’s team is building a report for their ecommerce clients, they can use the same report and adjust the conversion metrics accordingly. For example, the ‘signups’ metric is changed to ‘add to cart’, ‘checkout’, or ‘purchase’.

Outbrain reporting template for Google Data Studio

If you want to jumpstart your Outbrain reporting even faster check out our free, plug and play reporting template which seamlessly works with the connector in Google Data Studio.

Outbrain Account Overview reporting template

With this dashboard for Outbrain you can analyze your account’s key metrics as well as see your campaigns’ performance. To get the template, select “Use report template for new reports” option when connecting to Outbrain by Supermetrics data source in Google Data Studio. Click here to start with Outbrain connector for Data Studio.

Conclusion: improve the analysis of your native ad campaigns with Supermetrics

By pulling all the data you need from Outbrain into the same Google Sheet, Excel, or Data Studio dashboard to analyze the performance of your paid campaigns, you’ll end up saving hours in reporting every month.

Instead of having to download multiple CSVs and combine them into a master dashboard or spreadsheet, Supermetrics allows you to connect all your advertising platforms to the reporting tool of your choice and set automatic updates on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis.

If you’re interested in taking your Outbrain reporting to the next level, you can start your free 14-day trial of Supermetrics.

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