May 29, 2017

Facebook Insights template for Data Studio

10-MINUTE READ | By Miguel Cedeno

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[ Updated Oct 31, 2023 ]

UPD: This article explains how you can create a Data Studio dashboard with Facebook Insights data using Supermetrics for Google Sheets. Now you can create reports much more effectively with Supermetrics for Google Data Studio connectors. Start a free trial of Facebook Insights Data Studio connector.

Facebook Insights is a great tool – it allows you to understand the performance of your Facebook Page. Perhaps more importantly, it also uses diverse metrics to help you improve your overall Facebook strategy. In the template we’re sharing with you in this blog post, you will be able to quickly understand how you can learn more about the people that like your page and the performance of your posts.

Previously I’ve focused on speed and talked about how to create the fastest report in Data Studio, this time we will use the help of Supermetrics to allow us import Facebook Insights Data into a Google Sheet quickly and efficiently.

The value of your likes

Facebook Insights allows you to view the total number of “new likes” that your page is getting each month. Moreover, you will be able to see how many “unlikes” your posts received, as well as the “net likes” (new likes – unlikes) for the same period of time.

In the top right section of the image below, you will be able to understand which countries your Facebook presence is growing in. Additionally, you can discover the demographics of the audience that have liked your page. You can use the filters (in pink) to segment by age and gender simultaneously.

Post performance

  • People that Your Posts Reach: If you launched a campaign on paid or organic channels, and you want to know which channel has contributed the most to your total posts reach, you can visualise that too. Additionally, you can learn if your posts went “viral” too with the “viral reach” metric. The viral reach metric shows the number of people that have shared your posts.
  • Top 5 Post Actions: Learn which post has received the most of the likes, shares and comments.
  • Posts Feedback: Have you wondered if your post has been received positively by your audience? This table will help you to know the amount of positive and/or negative feedback that each post has received in different periods of times.
  • Posts Reactions: Learn the total number of reactions that your posts have gotten. You can filter by post name to learn the specific reactions (like, love, wow, haha, sad or angry) that users have chosen when engaging with your posts.

How to install the Facebook Insights template

Tip: Supermetrics will download the set of monthly data with a “|” between the year and the month, which makes it difficult for Data Studio to read it. One easy way to delete it is to select the complete column and use the function “find” to replace “|” to “ “.

  • Select the data sources in the order below:

When adding the data sources, verify that you change the “type of month” metric into “Year Month (YYYMM)”. You can do this in the second phase of adding this data source, or when you have set up the report.

We hope that this report will help you in gaining valuable insights for the growth of your Facebook Audience. Feel free to use it and customise it according to your business needs. If this report is helpful, please let us know and we can continue creating even more.

Happy reporting!

About Miguel Cedeno

Miguel Cedeno works for Coast Digital; a digital marketing agency in the UK. He enjoys helping businesses to connect with their right audience, by using both (paid and social) channels to deliver the right message. Working closely with his clients, Miguel specializes in Paid Per Click, using Data Studio Reporting to create actionable business insights & testing different strategies to reach maximum conversions.

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