fa_gdFacebook Ads has been the top choice for the most needed new data source in all the user surveys we’ve done during the last few years. Facebook restricts access to ads data so it’s taken a while to add it, but we’re happy to announce they have now granted us access, and we have integrated FB Ads into all our reporting tools! This means you can now run reports for all your Facebook campaigns in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, taking advantage of all the advanced analysis and visualization features our tools offer. You can also easily combine your Facebook campaign data with metrics from our other data sources like Google Analytics, AdWords and Bing Ads.

Our tools provide access to all the metrics available via the FB Ads API, such as impressions, reach, cost, social reach, and actions/conversions (split by action type to get different types of conversions). Our tools are known for their flexibility, and the FB Ads integration is no exception: you can make any combinations of metrics, split by any dimensions, and filter your data – you’re not restricted to some set of predefined widgets.

To get started on improving your Facebook Ads reporting, get any of our reporting tools:

We hope you like this new integration!



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