NEW CONNECTORS · 6-MINUTE READ · By Supermetrics on March 29 2017.

Supermetrics is happy to announce that not one but two new connectors have graduated from beta testing: DoubleClick Bid Manager and Adform. They’re all available to be selected from the data source list in our Google Sheets add-on’s sidebar.

DoubleClick Bid Manager Connector

Take advantage of the DBM reporting with Supermetrics! DoubleClick Bid Manager allows you to make programmatic buying, monitoring multiple image and video campaigns within a single environment.

With our DBM connector, you can easily pull all metrics with different dimensions and get a clear overview of your campaigns’ results. Using the Supermetrics add-on to automate your reporting, you can avoid the manual task of pulling out several reports from DoubleClick Bid Manager. The connector offers 60+ metrics and 90+ dimensions, pretty much everything you need for DoubleClick Bid Manager reporting, including ActiveView reporting metrics. It’s a great tool to add to your arsenal if you use DBM day in and day out.

Take a look at the custom report created with Double Click Bid Manager Connector

Apart from monitoring the usual campaign delivery metrics you can as well see how your video campaigns are performing with Video and ActiveView reporting metrics. Please note, that unfortunately Trueview:Views data is currently not supported by the DBM API at the moment, thus certain DBM metrics cannot be reported.

We wanted to keep the drawbacks of our new connectors totally transparent. And there is only one drawback: the DoubleClick Bid Manager Connector doesn’t load data as fast as other connectors in Supermetrics Add-on. That’s a limitation of the DBM API and unfortunately there is nothing our team can do about it.

Thus, you can select the metrics and dimensions you would like to see in your report, and enjoy your cup of coffee while our connector creates a DBM report for you. You can set up automatic refreshing while doing some other tasks, for example.

Adform Connector

Adform is an all-in-one digital advertising platform, similar to DoubleClick, and a leader in the Nordic market.

You can track delivery metrics (such as Impressions, Clicks, CTR) as well as cost metrics and engagement metrics. Site tracking statistics (e.g. views, visitors, exits, sales and many more), together with conversion and viewability metrics can also be added to the reports.

For example, you can report campaign performance metrics broken by channel, technology used or campaign type. Please note that Adform only allows running 500 API requests per day.


We launched these new connectors to get one step closer in helping marketers getting all their data into one place. Like our other connectors, not only do they allow you fetch data from individual data sources, but more importantly you can mingle data from different platforms to get a clear overview of all your marketing efforts.

Our goal is to let marketers fully enjoy the benefits of reporting automation. The team will work hard to add new data sources.

Want us to add some new data sources? Let us know in this short survey, and our team will do its best to make them available in Supermetrics Add-On.

Free trial

For those interested in giving a try to any of these connectors, we offer a free 30-day trial for our Google Sheets add-on. You can get started by installing it from the Chrome Store. Happy reporting!

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