Performance Marketing Masterclass with Groupon's Global Director of Media

Join Supermetrics and Groupon’s Global Media Marketing Director, Samantha Lloyd, as we discuss her journey from working with siloed data to managing full-funnel performance marketing in a global ecommerce company. Live on: February 17th 2022 at 6PM GMT / 1PM EST / 10AM PST
Feb 17, 2022, 6 PM GMT

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Running performance marketing for a global marketplace with over a million merchants and millions of active shoppers is not an easy task. Combining scattered data, managing new marketing channels, or conquering Q4’s Peak season are challenges all ecommerce companies and performance marketers face.

In this webinar, Sam Lloyd, Groupon’s Global Media Marketing Director, will share her journey and learnings from a diverse background in marketing and how using Supermetrics has helped her optimize performance marketing in various companies. We’ll dive into overcoming siloed data, measuring and optimizing performance marketing in ecommerce, and how Groupon prepares for Q4’s crazy Peak season.

Here's what you'll learn

Why having access to centralized and clean data is imperative as a performance marketer

How to overcome the challenges of siloed performance marketing data

How performance marketing is measured and optimized in a global marketplace

How to implement new performance marketing channels

How to manage full-funnel performance marketing in a global ecommerce company

How ecommerce marketers can prepare for Q4’s Peak season

Hosted by

Samantha Lloyd

Global Media Marketing Director,

Edward Ford

Marketing Director,

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