Multi-touch attribution (MTA) vs marketing mix modeling (MMM)

Join Supermetrics and Proof Analytics as we dive into the benefits and drawbacks of multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modeling.
Oct 27, 2021, 12 AM GMT

MTA vs MMM: which one is right for your business?

Multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modeling are two of the most popular approaches to analyzing marketing spend, resource allocation, and results.

But what are the main differences between the two approaches? What are their benefits and disadvantages? And is one better than the other?

Join Proof Analytics’ CEO Mark Stouse and Supermetrics’ Product Evangelist Evan Kaeding for a 45-minute live webinar to find out!

Here's what you'll learn

What are multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modeling?

Is one ultimately better than the other?

What are the main benefits of the two approaches?

Are there contextual factors like company size, industry, or advertising spend that should factor into the decision?

What about the disadvantages?

What steps can companies take to improve the models they're using?

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Mark Stouse

Proof Analytics

Evan Kaeding

Senior Sales Engineer and Product Evangelist,

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