MMM for Marketing Execs:
Marketing measurement in a privacy-first world with Supermetrics & dentsu

Join us for a webinar with dentsu as we discuss why marketing mix modeling (MMM) will be the next stop on your marketing analytics roadmap.
Feb 8, 2023, 4 PM GMT

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As we transition to a privacy-first online environment, marketing leaders need to be ready to measure marketing differently. Join us and dentsu Norway to discuss why marketing mix modeling is a crucial measurement methodology as cookie-based attribution comes to a halt.

MMM isn’t a new technology, but automation has made it a more efficient and accessible tool that can help businesses maximize their marketing ROI without relying on user-level data.

Join this webinar to learn how dentsu Norway uses MMM to measure and forecast clients’ marketing performance. We’ll also cover how MMM works, the results it can drive, and the type of businesses it’s suitable for.

Live on: Wednesday, February 8

8 a.m. PST, 11 a.m. EST, 4 p.m. GMT

Here's what you'll learn

How increasing privacy regulations affect marketing measurement

What marketing mix modeling (MMM) is

Why you should use MMM to measure your marketing performance

How modern MMM uses automation to produce more actionable outcomes

How dentsu does MMM using Supermetrics and BigQuery

How dentsu visualizes the results of MMM

Hosted by

Alessandro Cogliati

Lead Product Manager,

Linda Grönlund

Paid Social Media Manager,

Jarle M. Alvheim

Head of Data Technology,
dentsu Norway

Geir Vikane

Senior Media Strategist,
dentsu Norway

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