Making the most of the HubSpot platform with Supermetrics

Join Supermetrics and HubSpot as we discuss the benefits of combining different HubSpot hubs, best practices, and how to analyze and report on your campaigns.
Dec 7, 2022, 5 PM GMT

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In this webinar, Erica Agrodnia, Marketing Automation Manager at HubSpot, and Anna Shutko, Marketing Analytics Consultant at Supermetrics, will share how to use different HubSpot hubs together, best practices and examples, and finally, how to analyze and monitor your performance with Supermetrics.

We’ll also show you how our customer has reduced client reporting time by more than 50% using Supermetrics.

Here's what we'll cover

How to grow your business with the HubSpot platform

Benefits and best practices of using HubSpot

How to monitor your HubSpot campaign performance

How to monitor your HubSpot campaign performance

How HubSpot and Supermetrics work together

Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) templates for HubSpot

Hosted by

Erica Agrodnia

Marketing Automation Manager,

Anna Shutko

Marketing Analytics Consultant,

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