Learn everything you need to know about LinkedIn Ads reporting

Are you managing LinkedIn Ads, but struggling with the Campaign Manager dashboard because it’s so limited? Would you like to run more campaigns while improving your ROAS?

Supermetrics and B2Linked joined forces to create the ultimate dashboard for managing your LinkedIn Advertising efforts. We spent a combined 100+ hours building it, and we’re giving it to you 100% free!

Watch the webinar to see exactly how to get your own free copy of the template, customize it for your account, and report on LinkedIn Ads like a pro.

    Here's what you'll learn

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    How to reliably track and predict LinkedIn Ads spend in Google Sheets

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    What are the 4 key metrics of ad spend tracking

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    How to replicate the spend tracking process for multiple ad accounts

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    How to build a 6-page LinkedIn performance dashboard in Google Data Studio

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    How to compare the results of your split tests

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    And much more!

    Hosted by

    AJ Wilcox, B2Linked

    AJ is a LinkedIn Ads expert and the founder of B2Linked, an agency specialized in LinkedIn advertising.

    Anna Shutko

    Anna Shutko, Supermetrics

    As a Product Marketing Manager, Anna is the superpower behind Supermetrics’ connector marketing.

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