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Props set out to upgrade its marketing data stack for two reasons. First, storing data in Google Sheets wasn’t sustainable for a growing business. Second, they needed a sturdier data architecture to deliver their clients the full benefits of their image recognition tool. Now, Props’ business is powered by a custom data warehouse solution.

Join us as we discuss how Props built a new product on top of a data warehouse. We’ll cover why Props chose BigQuery, what the data architecture looks like before and after the integration, and finally, a demo of Props’ image recognition insights.

Live on: Tuesday, November 29, 4 p.m. GMT, 11 a.m. EDT, 8 a.m. PDT

Here's what you'll learn

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The benefits of centralizing your marketing data into a data warehouse

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How to get the most out of your data warehouse

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Why Props chose BigQuery

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How Props data architecture looks like before and after the data warehouse integration

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How Props delivers deeper creative insights with image recognition

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How Supermetrics can help in building a data warehouse

Hosted by

Bartosz Schneider, Lead Engineer of Professional Services, Supermetrics

Bartosz helps customers build better analytics and data architecture using Supermetrics.

Oliver Blodgett, Co-Founder and COO, Props

Oliver leads the company’s technology platform development, AI applications, reporting, analytics, and client success.

Neil Williams, Lead Developer, Props

Neil manages the development of Props’ product and data architecture.

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Awesome and informative— even though I already run Spotify ads, I still learned something!

I learned a lot and liked how the speakers addressed each question in the Q&A. Thank you for the insight!

Great overview, motivating us to begin thinking about our data plan as we scale up. Thank you both!



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