Grow with Google:
a Marketing Data Warehouse Crash Course

All you need to know about marketing data warehouses in one information-packed crash course
Feb 11, 2021, 12 AM GMT

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Marketing data warehouses are growing in popularity and rightly so. They solve many issues and open a multitude of new opportunities for data-driven marketing teams.

We teamed up with Google and put together a crash course on the hot topic. In this webinar, we'll talk you through the benefits of using a marketing data warehouse with real-life examples and show how you can set up your own marketing data warehouse. It's easier than you think!

This webinar is suitable for everyone working with marketing data and analytics: marketers, analysts, data scientists, and engineers. Come upgrade your digital skills with us.

Here's what you'll learn

What is a marketing data warehouse

How to set up a marketing data warehouse with Google BigQuery and Supermetrics

What issues and challenges can be tackled with a marketing data warehouse

How to move marketing data to Google BigQuery

Real-life examples of how marketing teams are benefitting from a marketing data warehouse

How to pull data from Google BigQuery to Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

Hosted by

David Magdolen

Senior Sales Engineer,

Riku Mikkonen

(former) Product Marketing Manager,

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