How to future-proof your marketing analytics stack with GCP and Supermetrics

How do you build a marketing analytics stack that scales with your business? Join Supermetrics and Google to find out.
Jun 24, 2021, 12 AM GMT

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Are you spending a lot of money on marketing but don’t have a clear view of the ROI? Does your marketing data stack need to serve the needs of a growing business?

Your stack might just need to be future-proofed. We’re teaming up with Google to bring you a webinar on leveling up your marketing data capabilities.

In the webinar, we’ll go through the three different stages of building a comprehensive marketing analytics stack. We’ll start from the basics and cover all the steps you need to future-proof your marketing analytics stack, using Google Cloud Platform & Supermetrics tools.

Here's what you'll learn

What are the key data problems marketers have today?

What limitations can you overcome with your stack?

What components should a basic data stack consist of?

What components are needed for a future-proof stack?

How can you introduce business logic to your analytics?

What steps can you take to evolve your data stack?

Hosted by

Magnus Fagertun

Data Specialist,

Evan Kaeding

Senior Sales Engineer and Product Evangelist,

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