Drive your Facebook Ads with better data

An end-to-end playbook for successful lead gen including strategy, tactics, measurement, and optimization.
May 26, 2021, 12 AM GMT

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How can you effectively generate leads using Facebook Ads and report back to your organization?

Supermetrics and Data Driven U have joined forces to give you the ultimate playbook on Facebook lead gen based on analyzing 10,103 Facebook ads. You’ll get the formulas for three types of ad styles, tips on how to reach your different audiences, and a simple way to report back to your organization.

If you want to level up your Facebook Ads game, then this free masterclass is a must-watch.

Here's what you'll learn

Findings from analyzing 10,103 Facebook ads

How to get Facebook leads for $2.57

Tips on how to write ad copy that converts on Facebook

A framework to ensure you reach your right audiences

Formulas for creating three types of ad styles

How to automate your Facebook Ads reporting

Hosted by

Jeff Sauer

Data Driven U

Edward Ford

Demand Gen Director,

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