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Making sense of your ecommerce business’ cross-channel advertising, web analytics, and transactional data can be difficult.

That’s why Supermetrics and the award-winning London-based PPC agency Katté & Co. are organizing a webinar to discuss how you can scale your ecommerce business faster with a cloud data warehouse. And you’re invited!

Learn how to measure the ROAS and profitability of your ad campaigns, get a better handle on attribution, and create a better customer experience with the help of data.

    Here's what you'll learn

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    What an ecommerce data warehouse is and how it works.
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    Why your ecommerce business should start using one.
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    What the benefits of data warehousing are to marketing teams.
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    How Katté & Co.'s ecommerce clients benefit from having their PPC data stored in a data warehouse.
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    What kinds of ecommerce reports you can build with a data warehouse.
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    How your ecommerce business can get started with data warehousing.

    Hosted by

    Jack Giddens

    Jack is the Head of Biddable at Katté & Co. Jack and his team work with data warehousing to streamline their ecommerce clients’ reporting.

    Riku Mikkonen

    Riku Mikkonen

    Riku is Product Marketing Manager at Supermetrics. He heads up the product marketing of Supermetrics’ data warehouse products.

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