How to scale your ecommerce business with a data warehouse

Learn how your growing ecommerce business can benefit from centralizing cross-channel data in a cloud data warehouse.
Apr 23, 2021, 12 AM GMT

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Making sense of your ecommerce business’ cross-channel advertising, web analytics, and transactional data can be difficult.

That’s why Supermetrics and the award-winning London-based PPC agency Katté & Co. are organizing a webinar to discuss how you can scale your ecommerce business faster with a cloud data warehouse. And you’re invited!

Learn how to measure the ROAS and profitability of your ad campaigns, get a better handle on attribution, and create a better customer experience with the help of data.

Here's what you'll learn

What an ecommerce data warehouse is and how it works.

How Katté & Co.'s ecommerce clients benefit from having their PPC data stored in a data warehouse.

Why your ecommerce business should start using one.

What kinds of ecommerce reports you can build with a data warehouse.

What the benefits of data warehousing are to marketing teams.

How your ecommerce business can get started with data warehousing.

Hosted by

Jack Giddens

Head of Biddable,
Katté & Co

Riku Mikkonen

(former) Product Marketing Manager,

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