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Our in-house experts, Evan Kaeding and Anna Shutko, will explain the ins and outs of marketing data warehouse architecture. We’ll go into the benefits and limitations, and all the components you need to build a well-functioning marketing data warehouse.

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Exclusive sneak peek of the end result

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What’s needed in order to build a well-functioning data warehouse

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Data architecture best practices

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Technical requirements

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Marketing attribution models in a nutshell

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The benefits and limitations of a last-click attribution model

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Concrete examples

Our hosts


Evan Kaeding

Evan is a Lead Sales Engineer and Product Evangelist at Supermetrics. He’s dedicated to solving customers’ data problems. He’s built many data warehouses that specialize in marketing data.

Anna Shutko

Anna Shutko

Anna is a Marketing Analytics Consultant working on building custom data warehouses and dashboards for Supermetrics’ clients. She specializes in marketing data and integrations. Anna has headed up the launches of 20+ connectors at Supermetrics.

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Awesome and informative— even though I already run Spotify ads, I still learned something!

I learned a lot and liked how the speakers addressed each question in the Q&A. Thank you for the insight!

Great overview, motivating us to begin thinking about our data plan as we scale up. Thank you both!



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