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Are you using spreadsheets to report on your marketing? Are all your results and reports spread across multiple silos? Is your reporting becoming too time consuming?

If yes to any of these, you might want to build a marketing data warehouse.

In this webinar, we go through the basics of BigQuery and how to get started with data transfers. Learn how to set up a marketing data warehouse in Google BigQuery with the help of Supermetrics connectors. We look into the benefits and specifics of what you can do with a marketing data warehouse.

    Here's what you'll learn

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    The basics of marketing data warehousing
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    The difference between spreadsheets and data warehouses
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    How Google BigQuery works for marketers
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    Transferring data to Google BigQuery from marketing sources
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    Use cases for a marketing data warehouse
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    Using Google BigQuery for reporting

    Hosted by

    Khrystyna Grynko

    Khrystyna is the Head of Data at marketing agency Better & Stronger. Located in Lyon, Khrystyna works daily with Google BigQuery to superpower her client reports.

    Riku Mikkonen

    Riku Mikkonen

    Riku is Product Marketing Manager at Supermetrics. He heads up the product marketing of Supermetrics’ data warehouse products.

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