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Here's how to connect your marketing and sales data to Qlik

1. Open the Supermetrics team site and build a query with the Query Manager

2. Choose Qlik as the output format, run the query, and copy the output URL

3. Open Qlik, create a new app, and click on "Add data from files and other sources"

4. Select "web file", paste the output URL you copied in step 3 to the URL field, and click on "Create"

6. Voilà! Your data will start flowing into Qlik

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Why Supermetrics?


Unmatched security

Supermetrics is SOC 2, CCPA, and GDPR compliant. The data you’re transferring with Supermetrics is never stored in our systems.

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Faster time to value

Instead of having your data engineering team spend months and tens of thousands on building custom API connections, you can get started with Supermetrics in minutes.

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Predictable pricing

Our pricing is based on the number of data sources you're pulling data from. There'll be no unwanted surprises in your invoice.

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