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Extract your marketing and sales data with the Supermetrics API

If you're trying to move a limited volume of data, you can use the Supermetrics API to easily get your cross-channel data into Power BI.

Simply open the Supermetrics API, choose the data you'd like to move, and extract it in the custom output format for Power BI. Then, upload the data into Power BI through the Web Connector. No scripting required.

Query data from your cloud data warehouse in Power BI

If you're looking to build complex cross-channel dashboards in Power BI, your best bet is to first pull all that data into your cloud data warehouse. Supermetrics currently supports Azure Synapse, BigQuery, and Snowflake.

Use Supermetrics to automate daily data transfers into your cloud data warehouse of choice. Then, connect Power BI with your data warehouse to visualize and report on your marketing and sales performance.

Pull data into Power BI from your data lake

If you'd rather store your historical marketing data in a data lake, like Azure Storage, we've got your back.

Use Supermetrics to transfer your marketing data into your cloud storage bucket in Azure Storage. Then, connect Power BI with your cloud storage bucket to visualize and report on the data you want.

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Why Supermetrics?


Unmatched security

Supermetrics is SOC 2 compliant. The data you’re transferring is encrypted at the source and decrypted at the destination, and it’s never stored in a third-party system.

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Faster time to value

Instead of having your data engineering team spend months and tens of thousands on building custom API connections, you can get started with Supermetrics in minutes.

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Predictable pricing

Our pricing is based on the number of data sources you're pulling data from and the number of destinations you're moving your data to. There'll be no unwanted surprises in your invoice.

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