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As a marketer in a small business you have a lot on your plate. Don’t waste your time on tasks that can be automated, like copy/pasting data into a spreadsheet or report. Use it on important stuff and give yourself more time to think. Get Supermetrics and automate your reporting tasks, kiss goodbye to copy/paste, and save 10-30 hours every month.

Experiment quickly

SMBs move quickly. For marketing, that means testing different channels and tactics to see what impacts your growth. But you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Bring your scattered marketing data from all your platforms into one place with Supermetrics. Then you can run several experiments at the same time and see how they are doing — without having to leave your spreadsheet or dashboard.

Get better marketing results

The business might be small, but you generate a ton of marketing data. Having all your data in one place will quickly help you figure out what is and isn’t working with your marketing. From there you can make better decisions. And you know what better decisions mean? Better results. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

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Pull data from your favorite marketing platforms

Quickly bring any metrics and dimensions from all your favorite marketing platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google. No sampling. No nonsense. Just clean data.


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