"We started using Supermetrics Data Grabber over a year ago as a solution to a client's reporting needs. Over the year our usage has evolved to using Data Grabber with all of our weekly and monthly reports and it saves us hours worth of effort across our search and analyst teams."

--Michelle Stunkard, Senior Web Analyst at Vertical Nerve

Supermetrics Data Grabber

is an advanced Excel-based report automation tool that connects to various data sources including Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads, Twitter and YouTube. Automate your reporting and save hours every week.

Get Started Now

1 Download Trial

Get started with Supermetrics by downloading the trial version. We offer a free 14 day trial with full functionality.

The downloadable file is an Excel document that does not require installation. Simply open it in Excel. However, you may need to change Excel's settings to allow macro execution (instructions).

The tool works in Windows Excel 2003 and newer, and in Mac Excel 2011.

2 Log in

Open the file in Excel and log in to any of the data sources


3 Enjoy the data

Just follow these three steps to run your first report:

  1. Check your account list and pick some of those for the report.
  2. Choose one or more metrics using the drop down menus. You can also choose to split the data rather than just fetch the aggregate figures.
  3. Press the "Run the report" button. The tool will then run the query and display the results in a new sheet.

You should now see your first Supermetrics report! You can add as many reports as you need, save the file, and refresh the data whenever needed. You can even make multiple copies of the file, for example one for each client.


The Product

About Supermetrics Data Grabber:

  • It's an Editor's Pick in the Google Analytics App Gallery 
  • It's been featured often in the official Google Analytics Blog
  • It's used by thousands of companies around the world
  • It's the only Excel tool for the Facebook & YouTube APIs
  • It saves you so much time it'll pay itself back in no time
  • Formerly known as GA Data Grabber.

What you get

  • Save time: You get the data you need much faster, so you have more time to put into turning the data into insight and action.
  • Less manual work: Regular KPI reporting can be automated, eliminating routine work. No more copy-pasting numbers from place to place!
  • Better quality reporting: Supermetrics Data Grabber automatically creates great visualizations of your data. 
  • Value for your money: The cost of Supermetrics Data Grabber is easily outweighed by the productivity gains it offers.
  • Excellent user experience: Supermetrics Data Grabber has a simple user interface that makes it easy to get the data you need. It's designed to be easy enough for non-technical users, yet flexible enough for power users.
  • Google Webmaster Tools data: No more "not provided" - Supermetrics Data Grabber can connect to Google Webmaster Tools to get the search query data no longer available in Google Analytics.
  • A better view of the developments of lots of sites: Supermetrics Data Grabber is the only tool which makes it easy to get data for lots of sites into a single report view. It can even combine data between accounts that are under different logins (Google Accounts).
  • The most flexible web analytics Excel tool: You can plot any metrics and dimensions you wish, with Supermetrics Data Grabber you're not constrained to a set of predefined dashboards. Everything happens in Excel, so it's easy for you to customize the charts and add formulas to calculate your own KPIs based on the metrics Supermetrics Data Grabber fetches.
  • Super-fast support: If you have any problems with Supermetrics Data Grabber, we will address these immediately. Our clients have been extremely happy with our level of support.
  • Constantly improving tool: We are constantly developing Supermetrics Data Grabber. Whenever Google updates their APIs, we're the usually the first to include the new features in our tools. When you buy a license, you will get access to all the updates.
  • Compatibility: Unlike other tools, Supermetrics Data Grabber works in all Windows Excel versions since 2003, as well as Mac Excel 2011.


User-friendly interface makes it easy to get the data you need


The data is automatically visualized for you


  • Fetches and combines data from any number of Analytics, AdWords and Bing Ads accounts, Facebook pages and apps, and YouTube channels and videos. Super-fast data fetching for any number of accounts.
  • Allows logging in simultaneously with multiple user accounts, and combining data over user accounts
  • Fetches up to a million rows of results
  • Extremely flexible: fetches any metrics that are available through the Analytics/AdWords/Bing Ads/Facebook/YouTube APIs, split by any dimensions
  • Automatically generates charts and other visualizations from the data
  • Automatically generates PowerPoint presentations of the results. Can also export reports to PDF or to separate Excel files.
  • Automatically calculates how the figures have changed compared to the previous week or month, or to the same date range a year earlier
  • Works inside an Excel file and does not require installation.

Our clients say


"Unibet is an online bookmaker operating across more than 25 different markets. It’s quite hard to keep us in line with all the traffic stats reporting or analysis wise. Supermetrics Data Grabber has given a big deal to help us pull in all the relevant and required information into a single sheet, thereby saving  us a lot of time and effort."

--Krishna Prasad, Online Marketing Analyst at Unibet


"We use Supermetrics Data Grabber to pull large sets of data from the GA API straight into excel for further analysis. It's really easy to use and has loads of extra features like formatted reports, multiple advanced segments and my personal favourite, avoiding data sampling! Their customer support has always been excellent too."

--Sam Knight, Web Analyst at MOO


"We have multiple publications and national blogs, and we find this tool useful for pulling data across all our sites. Without the tool we'd have to pull the numbers for each of our properties individually and merge multiple sets of data. With the tool, it all happens on the same sheet saving us time and improving visibility of trends."

--Gerard Goroski, Chief Information Officer at Voice Media Group (publisher of Village Voice)


"Supermetrics Data Grabber helped us streamline our client reporting, and cut down the delivery time significantly. We don’t just use it for reports either. We also use Data Grabber for ongoing campaign optimization as it provides flexibility and timely updates on analytics reports and trends."

--Mai Alowaish, Senior Web Analyst at Red Engine Digital


"Using Supermetrics Data Grabber, we were able to create a benchmark report for our program sites. The monthly report pulls a standard set of KPIs from each of the program accounts and ranks the programs by traffic. As a result of using Data Grabber to pull the data, we can produce this report quickly and accurately on monthly basis."

--Amy Sample, Director of Web Analytics at PBS


"Supermetrics Data Grabber has been a core asset to our business. We’ve been able to create & automate professional reporting for our PPC clients, giving them detailed, customized reporting without having to manually log in to Google Analytics. This has increased our productivity by saving us hours and hours of work. Our alternative would have been to jump to much more expensive software with high cost of implementation. We highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about analytics, and wants to automate their reporting."

-David Jaeger, Director of SEM at National Positions 


Supermetrics Data Grabber Modules

Supermetrics Data Grabber has several modules for accessing different data sources. You can buy all of these or just one. 

With the listed prices, the tool can be used on multiple computers, by multiple people, even simultaneously. With one license, you can specify one Analytics/AdWords/Facebook/Bing Ads/YouTube login username/ID that you can use with the tool. You can then run reports for all sites/accounts/videos that this user has access rights to.

The license price includes all updates to the product.

  • Google Analytics Module

    $ 39 /month
    Buy now

    With the Google Analytics Module you can get the metrics for all your sites into one place in just a few seconds.

  • Google AdWords Module

    $ 39 /month
    Buy now

    Simplify AdWords reporting and analysis: get all your campaign data into Excel with just a few clicks

  • Google Search Console Module

    $ 39 /month
    Buy now

    Fetch Google search data.

  • MailChimp Module

    $ 39 /month
    Buy now

    Fetch MailChimp email campaign metrics.

  • Bing Ads Module

    $ 29 /month
    Buy now

    The Bing Ads Module can fetch campaign performance metrics for any number accounts in just a few seconds, saving you hours of work. 

  • Facebook Ads Module

    $ 39 /month
    Buy now

    Track your Facebook advertising performance in Excel.

  • Facebook Insights Module

    $ 29 /month
    Buy now

    The Facebook Insights Module makes it super-easy to keep track of your Facebook page & apps stats.


  • YouTube Module

    $ 29 /month
    Buy now

    YouTube Module makes it simple to keep track of your YouTube channels' viewer, engagement and monetization metrics.

  • Twitter Ads Module

    $ 39 /month
    Buy now

    Fetch Twitter Ads campaign data.

  • Twitter Tweet Search Module

    $ 19 /month
    Buy now

    Fetch lists of tweets by keyword. Refresh reports whenever you need to see the latest Twitter activity.

  • Stripe Module

    $ 29 /month
    Buy now

    Get your Stripe payment data into Excel.