Supermetrics for BigQuery.

Instantly connect all your marketing data to Google BigQuery.
Build insightful dashboards in Data Studio or other BI tools.

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Why should you use BigQuery?

Powerful analytics on demand.

Leverage the processing power of the Google Cloud. Limitless dataset size.

Advanced and blazing fast data blending.

Compare paid campaigns across networks, or link advertising data with web analytics or CRM data.

Full ownership of all historical data.

Many marketing platforms only store data for a limited number of months. All your data in BigQuery, rather than in 3rd-party reporting tools.


Unparalleled robustness & speed for Data Studio.

Fetching data on-the-fly can often be slow or unreliable.
A unique Data Studio connector optimized for marketing data in BigQuery.

How does it work? Three simple steps:

Enroll in Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

Connect to data sources.

Build dashboards with our exclusive Data Studio connector.

How is Supermetrics for BigQuery unique?

Designed with simplicity

An intuitive workflow built by marketers, for marketers. Zero-configuration, zero-maintenance.

Data fully transformed ready-to-use

Data transformed into the format marketers need, with schemas optimized for best performance and easy usability in BI tools.

Best-of-breed integrations

More metrics and dimensions available than any other 3rd-party. Most robust integrations with PPC, SEO, social, and analytics platforms.

An exclusive Data Studio connector

Optimized for marketing data in BigQuery. Get any data in the format you need without data blending or transformation. Try it here!

Get started with Supermetrics for BigQuery.

A fully automated marketing data warehouse that just works.

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