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How to use Snapchat Ads to increase your ecommerce revenue with Duane Brown

Dec 16, 2020

Snapchat Ads is becoming more popular among ecommerce brands but is it a good fit for your business? We caught up with Duane Brown, Founder and Head of Strategy at Take Some Risk, to find out.

How to implement and measure the success of multi-touch attribution models with Dan Mcgaw

Dec 4, 2020

Far too many people see marketing teams as the arts and crafts department. We’re more than that. That’s why we caught up with Dan McGaw, an expert in marketing technology, to learn about multi-touch attribution.

The marketing analytics show

Dec 1, 2020

Looking to grow your ecommerce brand with Facebook Ads? Awesome. Because joining us today is Savannah Sanchez, an expert in ecommerce growth.

The Marketing Analytics Show ep 4

Nov 20, 2020

Getting your content to rank at the top of SERPs isn’t easy. You need two things, great content and solid SEO analytics. That’s why we caught up with Branko Kral, an expert on all things SEO.

The Marketing Analytics Show ep 3

Nov 20, 2020

How can you make sure every penny you spend on LinkedIn Ads is worth it? We caught up with AJ Wilcox to find out.

The Marketing Analytics Show ep2

Nov 20, 2020

Wondering how to turn numbers into an engaging story? Well, today we’ll discuss how marketers can master data storytelling and visualization with Lea Pica.

The Marketing Analytics Show ep1

Nov 19, 2020

Why should marketers think like an analyst? And how can you develop a data-driven mindset? We chatted with Khrystyna Grynko to find out.



About the Marketing Analytics Show

Data. It’s everywhere, right? There’s so much across your entire marketing and sales stack that searching for a key insight can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.
At the same time, there’s growing pressure on marketers to become more “data-driven” and have the chops to work with numbers. In reality, you’re expected to use data to make better decisions that will grow your business.
But that’s not easy. And that’s exactly why we started this podcast.
Every two weeks, Supermetrics’ very own Anna Shutko will interview an expert dedicated to making you a more analytical marketer. From developing a data-informed mindset to using data to improve your marketing campaigns, this podcast will give you actionable advice you can steal for your business.
About the Marketing Analytics Show
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