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Make your data easier to understand with Supermetrics data transformations

Report in multiple locations

Imagine having all your marketing data available in any location at the click of a button.

From long-term, historical data storage in a data warehouse to real-time reporting in BI platforms and spreadsheets, Supermetrics enables you to tap in to your data anywhere and at any point.

Always secure

Your data is encrypted at the source and decrypted at the reporting tool of your choice, so you can have full piece of mind.

We never store your data, unless you specifically ask us.

Spreadsheet reporting

Nothing quite beats the flexibility of a spreadsheet. Whatever your ecosystem is, Supermetrics can pull in granular marketing data from the platforms that matter to you.

Supermetrics delivers your marketing & sales data across your entire reporting stack

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Business intelligence

For those times that you need to visualize how your data is evolving. Keep your BI reporting accurate and up to date with automatic data transfers from Supermetrics.

Project management and collaborative work

Why not report on campaign success in the platform that you already use to plan & execute your campaigns?

Supermetrics brings marketing reporting directly to your project management platform.

Data warehouses and lakes

Automatically bring siloed marketing data into your data warehouse or lake, so you can focus on finding and acting on the insights.

Better yet, Supermetrics lets you preview your data before you transfer it, and with data schemas defined by you, for you.

Secure file transfer protocol (SFTP)

Enable streamlined data transfers to your SFTP server at the click of a button.

Keep your data secure from start to finish with Supermetrics plus an SFTP server.

Supermetrics API

Use a reporting or storage solution that isn’t in our list of integrations? Just use the Supermetrics API.

Supermetrics API allows you to rapidly develop an integrated solution anywhere, with the programming language of your choice.

Data acceleration for all businesses

Supermetrics solves data problems across a variety of industries and types of companies. Whether you’re an agency, a small business, or a large corporation, we have a solution for you to help you succeed as you grow.
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