Fair Usage Policy

Updated 14 March 2024

Supermetrics is committed to providing our customers with a fair and equitable service. As part of this commitment, we have established a Fair Usage Policy that outlines the limits on the amount of data that can be processed and returned by our customers.

Most Supermetrics customers fall well below the limits outlined below. If you notice that you are getting close to reaching any of the limits listed or your team requires more processing capacity, feel free to contact our team for assistance.

1. Rows Returned

The maximum number of rows that can be returned to a Customer per month is 100,000,000 unless stated otherwise in your contract. This limit is in place to ensure that our customers have access to the same level of service.

2. Additional metrics

In addition to the limit on the number of rows, we also monitor various metrics to identify customers who are using our service in a way that could impact the availability of the service and adversely affect the user experience for themselves as well as other customers. Metrics monitored include, but are not limited to, the number of rows processed before aggregating to rows returned and the amount of data transferred in any given month.

If we have reason to believe that a customer is near the limits set forth in this Policy, we may take steps to limit their usage as set out in the Terms of Service.

3. Changes to this Policy

Supermetrics may change the content of this Policy, subject to posting a notice of change on our website.

Please note that most Supermetrics customers will never come close to the limits outlined in the Fair Usage Policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our support or your Customer Success Manager for further assistance.