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Here’s how your ecommerce business can benefit from Supermetrics

Drive more revenue with relevant data

To figure out which channels, campaigns, and product categories are driving traffic, conversions, and revenue to your ecommerce business, you need access to all kinds of data. Supermetrics helps you keep track of what’s working and what isn’t so that you can optimize your marketing activities on the fly and improve your revenue over time.

Pull siloed data together in your favorite reporting tool

Instead of separately copy/pasting data from Shopify, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Analytics, and other tools, Supermetrics allows you to pull all the data you need directly into your favorite reporting tool — whether that’s a spreadsheet or a data visualization tool. Alternatively, you can use Supermetrics to automate data transfers to your marketing data warehouse.

Spend more time on what matters

Once you’ve decided which metrics you’d like to track and built your dashboard or report, you can set up automatic data refreshes and scheduled emails so that you’ll always have relevant data in your reporting tools. This leaves you more time to focus on more important tasks like analyzing the numbers, optimizing campaigns, and planning new marketing initiatives.

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Pull data from your favorite marketing platforms

Quickly bring any metrics and dimensions from Shopify, Google Analytics, and all your favorite advertising platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Taboola, Outbrain, and many more. No sampling. No nonsense. Just clean data.


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