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Prevent allocating budget blindly

Relevant data. Relevant channels. Better decision-making. Figure out which channels, campaigns, and audience segments generate the most revenue and stop flying blind with your budget allocation.

See the bigger picture

You can’t complete a puzzle without all the pieces. Centralize all your siloed ecommerce data to gain a better understanding of your business performance.

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Less manual work. More time for growing business

No CSV export. No copy/paste. No switching between platforms. Automate data transfers so you can focus on optimizing campaigns, improving customer satisfaction, and growing your business.

Pull data from your favorite marketing platforms

Quickly bring any metrics and dimensions from all your favorite ecommerce and advertising platforms, including Snapchat, TikTok, Shopify, and more

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Move your data to any destination

Streamline your data to your favorite analytics and reporting tools, including spreadsheets, BI tools, and data warehouses.

Get started with a ready-made ecommerce dashboard

Use this 4-page dashboard to manage your ecommere performance, including website performance, customer behavior, and ad performance


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