VWO: Cutting down developer time by 30% with Supermetrics for Google Sheets

VWO: Cutting down developer time by 30% with Supermetrics for Google Sheets

Key takeaways

  • Before Supermetrics, the VWO development team used to spend hours on setting up and maintaining API connections to several different advertising platforms
  • The team started looking into various different solutions but many of them were too expensive, didn’t support the required data sources, or had too many unnecessary features
  • Supermetrics for Google Sheets quickly came out as the winner of the comparison thanks to its features and competitive pricing
  • With Supermetrics, VWO is able to automate daily, weekly, and monthly performance marketing reports into Google Sheets
  • As a result, the VWO development team has been able to free up approximately 30% of their time and spend it on higher-value projects

Quick facts

Industry: SaaS, marketing technology

Founded: 2010

Size: 200+ employees

Markets: Global

Products: Supermetrics for Google Sheets

VWO is a popular A/B testing, experimentation, and conversion rate optimization platform that helps thousands of marketers all over the world discover insights, test ideas, and improve engagement across the customer journey.

Aniruddh Jain works with VWO as a Performance Marketing Consultant. He’s responsible for generating demand primarily through paid media across channels, including Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook Ads.

VWO’s reporting challenge

Before Supermetrics, VWO’s performance marketing reporting was a semi-automated process that included using the API connections VWO’s developers had built to pull data into a single spreadsheet.

Aniruddh says, “We used the APIs provided by various ad platforms to import monthly performance data into a single spreadsheet. Occasionally, we also had to manually download CSV files from different tools to combine the data.”

The solution was working fine for the most part but problems arose whenever something changed in one of the source APIs or whenever VWO needed to pull data from a source that wasn’t supported.

Aniruddh adds, “The API connections worked well for the majority of the time but the set up and up-keep required developer time. And since we needed our developers in other projects, data transfers were something we wanted to automate.”

This is when Aniruddh and the team started looking for an alternative to their homegrown API connections.

Comparing different solutions

Next, Aniruddh and the VWO team compared different solutions that could help them automate their data transfers into Google Sheets.

Aniruddh explains, “We explored a couple of different tools. Some were quite expensive and came with a lot of features we didn’t need, while others only supported our needs partially.”

Having experienced the pain of manually downloading CSV files from different ad networks, one of the key criteria for the new tool was that it would support all the ad channels the VWO team was using.

Aniruddh says, “The biggest shortcoming in a few of the tools we looked into was that they could only pull data from only a few of the platforms we were working with. This would’ve obviously only solved a part of the problem we were looking to solve.”

In the end, Supermetrics for Google Sheets came out as the clear winner.
Aniruddh says, “We quickly came to the conclusion that Supermetrics fits our needs well from both functionality and pricing standpoint.”

Cutting down developer time by 30%

It’s been over a year since the VWO team first started using Supermetrics for Google Sheets and today, all of their performance marketing reports are automated with Supermetrics.

Aniruddh says, “We use Supermetrics to import ad performance data like impressions, clicks, conversions, quality scores etc. on daily, weekly, and monthly levels from various ad platforms including Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook Ads.”

So far, the biggest benefit has been the team’s ability to reallocate valuable developer resources.
Aniruddh says, “It’s hard to put an exact number on how much time we’ve ended up saving with Supermetrics but my estimation is that we’ve been able to cut down developer time by something like 30%.”

Supermetrics has also positively influenced the VWO marketing team’s time to insights, a key factor for fast moving growth teams.

Aniruddh says, “The other big benefit we’re seeing is that it’s now really easy and quick for the marketing team to access the data we need to optimize our campaigns.”

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