How Snapshot Interactive reduced reporting hours by 35% and sees a 3X ROI with Supermetrics

How Snapshot Interactive reduced reporting hours by 35% and sees a 3X ROI with Supermetrics

Key takeaways

  • Snapshot Interactive is a full service media agency that uses the Supermetrics Marketing Intelligence Cloud to manage all customer reporting.
  • The agency have reduced reporting hours by 35% and saved 7K in costs since moving to Supermetrics from TapClicks.
  • Snapshot Interactive have seen a 3X ROI after implementing Supermetrics as part of the agency’s offering.
  • With Supermetrics, Snapshot Interactive provides faster time-to-insight and improved quality of reporting, boosting both customer retention and acquisition.

Quick facts

Industry: Digital agency

Founded: 2010

Size: 50 employees

Markets: United States

Products: Marketing Intelligence Cloud

Snapshot Interactive is a Nashville-based full service digital agency covering web, SEO, performance marketing, branding, and creative production. They operate across B2C and B2B with a 360 business model to help customers make the most of both creative and data.

Snapshot Interactive uses the Supermetrics Marketing Intelligence Cloud to power all of their analytics and reporting. We spoke to Sean Whitmore, who joined Snapshot Interactive at the start of 2023 as Director of Digital, to uncover how Supermetrics has helped the agency and its customers.

Recognizing a data gap

Coming into the business, Sean noticed a data gap. Snapshot Interactive had been using TapClicks to manage data and reporting, but its usability was subpar, and certain features and connectors were lacking. The setup wasn't optimal and made daily reporting a painpoint.

Sean had been a power-user of Supermetrics in his previous company and was adamant about continuing with the solution at Snapshot Interactive.

"With TapClicks, we had to rely on their proprietary reporting, which sterilized our reports. With Looker Studio and Supermetrics, we can brand our reports for each client. In the end, it came down to capability; Supermetrics has been easier to use and maintain. Data blending was also a key feature of Supermetrics’ that we were interested in“, Sean says.

“Another big factor was that Supermetrics was more cost effective. The switch saved us at least 6-7k per year compared to TapClicks”, Sean recounts.

Challenges solved with Supermetrics

With Supermetrics, Snapshot Interactive has streamlined and automated data collection and reporting across all channels. With the increased automation, Snapshot Interactive can now respond to client needs efficiently and provide advanced customizations quickly. 

With a strong reporting infrastructure, the agency can produce deeper insights and more strategic recommendations for its clients. Now that manual data collection isn’t a time suck, Snapshot Interactive dedicates more of its time to ideation with clients and implementing recommendations based on data.

In the past, the lack of standardization in channel metrics made data blending difficult. Matching up data between Google ads and Bing ads, for instance, used to be inefficient. Cross-channel data blending has been one of the key Supermetrics features that Snapshot Interactive uses to deliver clients more value. 

Sean says “Our customers aren’t too concerned about how a single channel is performing - they trust us to make that call. They care about how a wider campaign is performing and how their marketing is performing overall. This is where data blending is really useful. It allows us to standardize cross-channel data and show clients a full view of a campaign, for example.”

The results

By adopting Supermetrics, Snapshot Interactive has transformed their data reporting process. The platform has allowed them to streamline workflows, improve data accuracy, and provide deeper client insights. Supermetrics has become an essential tool, enabling them to deliver exceptional value to their clients and achieve greater success in the marketing agency landscape.

Since implementing Supermetrics, Snapshot Interactive has experienced significant improvements in their reporting efficiency and the value they deliver to clients:

  • The agency has reduced reporting hours by over 35% since switching to Supermetrics. Getting to the data faster has allowed the agency to allocate resources into higer-value tasks and to serve customers better.
  • Supermetrics has been instrumental in both customer retention and new customer acquisition, as the solution adds to the agency’s offering and improves both time-to-value and the quality of data and reporting.
  • According to Sean, Supermetrics has been a valuable investment, currently delivering a 3x ROI. Sean is positive that number will increase to 4x and 5x as they go forward.

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