How Imajery uses Supermetrics to prove value across the entire customer journey

How Imajery uses Supermetrics to prove value across the entire customer journey

Key takeaways

  • Imajery faced difficulties with data overload and manual data handling, slowing down their ability to analyze data and deliver insights.
  • By integrating Supermetrics with Google Sheets and Looker Studio, Imajery streamlined data collection and analysis, saving time and enhancing their ability to craft strategic recommendations.
  • Transitioning to a centralized data model with Supermetrics for BigQuery solved issues with slow report generation and ensured data ownership and long-term access, especially during transitions like GA4.
  • The centralized and automated data flows allowed Imajery to focus on data analysis and strategy development, impacting customer acquisition, targeted campaign development, and customer retention.
  • Supermetrics improved operational efficiency, enabled faster insights and optimization, resulted in measurable results, and empowered clients with better data visualization and understanding.

Quick facts

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

Founded: 2009

Size: 20 employees

Markets: Global

Products: Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Supermetrics for Looker Studio, Supermetrics for BigQuery

Imajery, a digital performance marketing agency led by Jay Sala (Founder & CEO) and Sanjay Mayar (VP of Growth), specializes in accelerating client growth for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar businesses through data-driven insights.

The challenge

Despite their data-centric approach, Imajery faced a common struggle: data overload. Manually transferring siloed data between different platforms for analysis was slow, time-consuming, and error-prone, hindering their ability to deliver critical client deliverables—actionable insights and campaign performance measurement.

Unifying data with Supermetrics

To tackle these challenges, Imajery started using Supermetrics for on-demand data with Google Sheets and Looker Studio to build better models and help them take a holistic view of data for their clients. “It's a time-saving machine, eliminating the need for manual data entry across platforms. Those saved hours translate into what truly matters: analyzing data and crafting strategic recommendations for our clients.” Jay says.

Moving to faster reports and data ownership

While having on-demand data addressed Imajery's initial challenges, their scaling size brought new challenges:

  1. Slow reports: As Imajery's data volume grew and they combined data from more channels, Looker Studio reports became sluggish. Faster report generation was crucial, especially for executives who needed quick access to key insights.
  2. Data ownership and long-term access: The sunsetting of Universal Analytics and limited historical data access in GA4 presented a challenge. Imajery felt it was critical to preserve client data for long-term analysis.

To address these challenges, Imajery transitioned to a centralized data model with Supermetrics for BigQuery. With this centralized data, Imajery achieved:

  • Faster reporting: Timely access to data for informed decision-making.
  • Data ownership and security: Control and ownership of their historical data, regardless of future changes.
  • Long-term insights: Ability to analyze past performance for deeper understanding and strategic planning.

Data-driven impact across the customer journey

With Supermetrics centralizing and automating data flows, Imajery could finally focus on what they do best: analyzing data and creating winning strategies for their clients. This data-driven approach significantly impacted every stage of the customer journey.

  • Customer acquisition: Imajery's data-driven approach extends beyond campaign management. By leveraging Supermetrics, they can showcase the power of their data modeling capabilities and analysis expertise to potential clients, allowing them to win over clients who are seeking data-driven strategies to acquire their own customers.
  • Developing winning strategies: Once they secure the clients, Imajery utilizes the centralized data to gain a deep understanding of their client's target audience and marketing channels to develop targeted data-driven campaigns that resonate with the right customers for their clients.
  • Customer retention: With the centralized data, Imajery has created a complex ROI model that provides insights into customer lifetime value (CLTV) empowering them to develop highly effective strategies, fostering long-term client relationships and helping them retain a majority of their own customers.

Beyond acquisition and retention

In addition to customer acquisition and retention, Supermetrics has impacted Imajery’s business operations in multiple ways.

  • Improved efficiency: Streamlined data empowers Imajery’s team to focus more on crafting marketing plans, building strong client relationships, tackling larger clients and bigger budgets, and delivering impactful results.
  • Faster insights: With instant access to data, this enabled Imajery to take faster, data-driven actions translating to quicker campaign optimization cycles, allowing them to reduce optimization cycles and maximize performance for their clients.
  • Measurable results: With faster data driven decisions, Imajery can optimize their campaigns to achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) ultimately resulting in more satisfied clients.
  • Empowering clients: By simplifying data visualization through tools like Looker Studio, Supermetrics helped Imajery empower their clients. Clients could access and understand the data more easily, allowing them to make data-driven decisions without relying solely on Imajery's interpretation.

By leveraging Supermetrics, Imajery has transformed the way they approach marketing for their clients. They can now demonstrate the true value of their services across the entire customer journey, leading to more effective campaigns, measurable results, and ultimately, happier clients.

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