How Crediclub created a single source of truth and gained confidence in data with Supermetrics and Azure Storage

How Crediclub created a single source of truth and gained confidence in data with Supermetrics and Azure Storage

Key takeaways

  • Crediclub’s marketing team manually pulled data from Google Ads and Facebook Ads into Excel reports, which was time-consuming and risked human error.
  • The engineering team tried to build Azure Storage integrations for Google Ads and Facebook Ads in-house, but the maintenance was troublesome, and they couldn’t justify the time investment.
  • Using Supermetrics, the engineering team could automate data transfers to Azure Storage and build marketing dashboards in Power BI. Maintenance was no longer a concern.
  • Immediately after the setup, many members of the marketing team were able to save up to 20 hours per week.
  • Data is no longer a bottleneck for Crediclub’s marketing team.

Quick facts

Industry: Banking

Founded: 2006

Size: 2000+ employees

Markets: Mexico

Products: Supermetrics for Azure Storage

Crediclub is a Mexico-based bank that offers a range of services to its clients. It focuses on digital banking, with a digital investment platform and digital wallet among its services. Crediclub also offers microloans with small businesses and female-founded companies as their prime target.

Crediclub advertises its products online, mainly on Google and Facebook. Their media activities focus on two key products, SuperTasas and MujerActiva. SuperTasas is an investment app that strives to make investing accessible for everyone. MujerActiva, on the other hand, is Crediclub’s loans program targeted specifically at female-founded small businesses.

We spoke to Ángel David Montoya Sepúlveda, Crediclub’s Sub-Director of Data Engineering, to understand how Crediclub’s marketing team worked with data before implementing Supermetrics for Azure Storage. He walked us through what prompted the need for a data pipeline provider and what the solution and the initial results look like.

Looking for an efficient and reliable way to work with marketing data

Ángel’s data engineering team is responsible for Crediclub’s data architecture in Azure Storage. They manage analytics and reporting for multiple stakeholders, including finance, sales, and marketing.

While other departments used Azure Storage, the marketing team managed data in Excel. They had to go into Google and Facebook daily to download individual reports. Then, they copy/pasted them into Excel spreadsheets for analysis and storage.

The process was very time-consuming, error-prone, and unsustainable.

First, the team spent hours collecting data instead of optimizing their campaigns. Second, copy/pasting data into Excel reports led to errors. They could easily enter data into the wrong cells, accidentally delete something, or mix up tabs. Last, while Excel was great for ad-hoc analysis, their spreadsheets tended to crash when the team handled more data.

Without a better solution, Ángel’s team was trying to build the Azure Storage integration for Google Ads and Facebook Ads internally. This quickly became a headache. The source APIs frequently change, so the connectors need constant maintenance.

Why Crediclub chose Supermetrics

A marketing team member had previously used Supermetrics for Excel, which was a good solution for automating data transfers from different marketing channels. They recommended the data team look into Supermetrics. Ángel was interested but didn’t want to continue with Excel as a storage solution. When he discovered that Supermetrics provided connectors for many data destinations, including Azure Storage, his next call was to compare the marketing team’s data requirements with what Supermetrics could support.

Ángel says, “Setting up Supermetrics was really easy, and I could instantly see it was the solution we were looking for. The connectors covered all of our data requirements, and it only took me 5-10 minutes to configure everything. The data pipeline was up and running in a matter of moments.”

According to Ángel, the decision was easy, and there was no need to research other competitors, as he saw that Supermetrics covered their data requirements. Supermetrics for Azure Storage immediately solved his issue of moving the data from source to destination.

Integrating marketing data into Crediclub’s existing data architecture

The marketing team relied on Excel for storing data, while other departments used Azure Storage. With Supermetrics, the engineering team could integrate marketing data with Crediclub’s overarching data architecture.

The marketing data architecture now includes the following steps:

  1. Supermetrics moves the data from Facebook and Google automatically into Azure Storage.
  2. The team uses Azure Data Factory to transfer data into Azure SQL Database, Crediclub’s data warehouse.
  3. The data warehouse integrates with Power BI, where their marketing dashboards are.
Crediclub's data architecture in Azure

With the new data pipeline up and running, Ángel’s team started backfilling historical data into Azure Storage. Storing and owning Crediclub’s historical marketing data was important for the data warehouse integration. Different data source APIs only allow you to view data back to a certain point in time, and it’s important any company takes ownership of its data. This also allows historical analysis, identifying trends, and more efficient year-over-year comparisons.

Making better use of marketing resources

With the new data architecture, the Crediclub team saw efficiency and resource allocation improvements.

Ángel says, “Many marketing team members have saved up to 20 hours per week since we automated our reporting with Supermetrics. Our use of resources within the team has changed completely.”

The team now has more resources for optimizing campaigns, analyzing results, and researching new channels. Before implementing Supermetrics, expanding into new marketing channels would’ve been a strain on the team. Since manual processes don’t scale well, adding more channels would’ve meant more manual work. Businesses that manage data manually have no option but to hire more people to keep up with the growing needs.

Supermetrics has also freed up engineering resources since the data pipeline doesn’t require any maintenance. The team can trust that Supermetrics is working in the background and that they have accurate data in their storage. If there’s an issue with the data transfers, Ángel gets a notification immediately. The alternative would’ve been to hire a developer to maintain home-built integrations that risk breakage any time an API changes. And an API can change at any moment.

In terms of financial savings, it’s safe to say that other scenarios would’ve ultimately required additional hires on both the marketing and the engineering side. Ángel is expecting the solution to have a further financial impact as well. The marketing team has a clearer overview of their performance using Power BI. This allows them to allocate the budget to the audience segments, locations, and campaigns that convert.

Automatic data flows also remove the risk of human error. With a single source of truth, the team can make decisions based on data they can trust.

Making better use of marketing resources

In the future, Crediclub’s marketing team is planning on expanding their media coverage into more channels. They’re currently evaluating LinkedIn and TikTok. The team now has a sustainable data infrastructure for expansion along with the resources to focus on building new things.

Ángel says, “With Supermetrics, we have a solution that works. We feel confident about many opportunities now that we have proper data processes in place.”

Additionally, Ángel is planning on taking the data integration further. His goal is to gain visibility on the full marketing funnel, and a robust marketing data stack plays a key role in achieving that.

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