15000 Cubits: How this agency saved +20 hours per month on marketing reporting with Supermetrics

15000 Cubits: How this agency saved +20 hours per month on marketing reporting with Supermetrics

Key takeaways

  • 15000 Cubits is a US-based digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, performance marketing, and social media
  • Before using Supermetrics, their Account Managers were manually pulling data into client-facing PowerPoint reports
  • After researching multiple products, 15000 Cubits selected Supermetrics to move data from over 30 platforms into Google Data Studio
  • Since using Supermetrics, 15000 Cubits have increased transparency, trust, and client retention rates — as well as saved +20 hours per month on reporting

Quick facts

Industry: Marketing agency

Founded: 2015

Size: +40 employees

Markets: North America

Products: Supermetrics for Looker Studio

15000 Cubits is a US-based digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, performance marketing, and social media. The 15000 Cubits team works with companies in the tech, oil & gas, and non-profit sectors and have charities such as Ronald McDonald House as clients.

Katie Minogue is a Senior Account Manager who works closely with her clients. A big part of her job is analyzing and reporting performance.

Looking for a better client reporting set up

Before using Supermetrics, there was a lot of manual work involved in 15000 Cubits’ client reporting.

Katie says, “A lot of my time goes to client reporting. We’ll go through campaigns to see how they’re performing but before using Supermetrics we had some real challenges with reporting. We used PowerPoint and would manually plug in data from Google Ads and Facebook Ads. We couldn’t offer daily reporting to our clients. This was when we needed to find a product that would help us solve our client reporting challenge.”

Katie and the team were looking for a reporting solution that satisfied three main criteria:

  1. Integrations with all the paid, SEO, and social platforms they use
  2. The ability to  fetch all the metrics & dimensions they need
  3. The ability to move data directly into Google Data Studio dashboards and provide daily data refreshes

On the search, Katie says, “We did a lot of research on other products but Supermetrics was the one that really stood out. It integrated with all the platforms we wanted and we wouldn’t need to jump between all our different marketing tools. It had the bulk of what we needed and now we have Supermetrics moving data from over 30 platforms right into Data Studio.”

How 15000 Cubits use Supermetrics: 3 core use cases

Three of the biggest needs 15000 Cubits had for Supermetrics were for monthly reports, channel-specific reports, and daily reports.

Monthly reports

15000 Cubits’ monthly client report consists of seven dashboards in Data Studio including paid campaign performance, website performance, and audience behavior. This is built with data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, and Facebook Ads.

Channel-specific reports

These reports provide clients with a more in-depth look at key acquisition channels, such as paid or organic traffic. For this dashboard, Katie’s team pulls data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Google Analytics.

Daily reports

15000 Cubits’ daily reports are customized for each client but they all feature scoreboards lined up with KPIs. Katie says, “We follow those numbers carefully on a MoM and WoW basis since we’re constantly looking for growth opportunities. We want to catch things well in advance and it really helps us optimize on-the-fly. We might find that emojis don’t work but short and sweet text does, so we take those results when building the next campaigns.”

She continues, “The whole team is working with Supermetrics as our technicians and account managers set things up and our marketers and account managers are using those reports everyday; everyone at 15000 Cubits lives and breathes KPIs.”

Increased transparency, trust, and retention rates — plus all the time savings

Since using Supermetrics, 15000 Cubits has gained on both sides of the business by boosting client retention rates and streamlining internal processes.

On the benefits to their clients, Katie says, “Supermetrics displays our hard work and it’s a great way to present results to clients. Having accurate data piped into Data Studio with Supermetrics gives us that clean-cut professional display, which really helps us stand out. When we have a call, we run through all our dashboards and educate clients on marketing and explain why things happened so there is greater transparency between us and our clients, which has increased trust and boosted retention rates.”

One of the unexpected changes Supermetrics has brought with it was a change in the agency's service model. Katie says, “Our service model has also changed and we now offer three levels of reporting to all clients. Level one includes monthly reporting, level two is weekly reporting, and level three provides daily reporting. This is something we couldn’t offer in the past but we’re thrilled to finally be able to provide our clients with more granular reporting on a daily basis.”

On working with Supermetrics and the time savings it’s had for 15000 Cubits, Katie adds, “Supermetrics has been awesome and their support is great. If ever we have issues they always get things fixed within 24 hours, which has been a big thing for us. We can see exactly how everything is doing without having to go into each platform like we used to. It easily saves us over 20 hours per month. Let’s just say I can’t imagine life without Supermetrics.”

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