One of the most common use cases of our reporting tools is search engine marketing and optimization. To make our products even better for this kind of analysis, we’ve now added a SEMrush connector to Supermetrics for Google Drive. With this new integration, you can fetch super-useful data such as:

  • Domains: search rankings, competitors in paid and organic search, ad copies
  • Keywords: organic and paid results, ads, related keywords, keyword difficulty
  • Backlinks: overall list, referring domains and IPs, backlinks by country,
  • Display ads by publisher and advertiser

In combination with the Moz connector we’ve had for a few months, and our other integrations with Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing Ads, etc., you can now bring a lot of useful SEM / SEO data easily into Google Sheets.

To get started with SEMrush reporting in Google Sheets, you just need to input your SEMrush API key to our add-on. If you have a SEMrush license, you can find the API key here. For Moz data, it’s even easier to get started: you don’t need anything, not even a Moz account. In the future, fetching SEMrush and Moz data will require the Pro version of the Supermetrics add-on, but for the time being, it’s not required.

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