Last summer we published a new version of our Google Analytics VBA functions, when the old 2009 version was broken by changes Google did to their API. We’re now releasing the first major update to this, with two major changes:

  • In addition to Excel, the functions now work in Google Docs. The usage is just the same in GD as it is in Excel. To get started, get the template spreadsheet here (you need to be logged into a Google Account for the link to work). You can transfer dashboards created in Excel into Google Docs following the instructions here.
  • In addition to Google Analytics, the functions can now fetch data from AdWords and YouTube (the latter is still in beta). There are tabs for these new data sources in the Excel and Google Docs template spreadsheets.

We hope you like these changes! We’re going to add more data sources in the coming months, starting with Bing Ads and Facebook Insights. And very soon, we’re going to add the YouTube capability to our flagship GA Data Grabber tool.
For more information on this tool, see here.

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