Conversion optimization contributes directly to the amount of affiliate commissions you make. But how do you make sure to get the most referrals possible from your traffic? Read on and learn 4 strategies to boost your affiliate marketing conversions.

1. Make split testing a habit

Split testing, also called A/B testing, is one of the most important ways to increase your affiliate referrals. Split testing means you have two variants of which you want to find the best performing one. Split testing can be done for any part of your sales funnel.

If you don’t have much traffic yet, start with basic split testing between two variants instead of testing multiple factors. For example, as an affiliate marketer you might want to test two different landing pages, which lead to an affiliate offer. If you attract a larger amount of traffic, you can go more granular and test multiple smaller differences on your websites.

Remember that even the smallest difference on a page can make a huge difference in conversions. Because of this, you definitely want to make split testing a habit.

If you plan to split test many factors, there is software that can help you manage and track your split testing experiments.

Affiliate marketing is all about testing and optimizing your campaigns. You can split test pretty much anything, which leads to our next question; what should you split test?

A/B testing: What to split test as an affiliate marketer?

Some common things to split test in affiliate marketing:

  • Traffic sources
    You can easily test different traffic sources by using the same promotion on different advertising platforms. You can also test organic blog posts against email marketing.
  • Paid advertising
    If your affiliate program allows paid advertising, you can split test different ads for the promotion. You can combine this with different landing pages to sync your ad with your landing page.
  • Landing pages
    Test two different landing pages for the same promotion and see which works best.
  • Direct vs. bridge page
    Compare conversions from direct linking (paid advertising campaigns) and conversions with a landing page (bridge page) in between.
  • Offers
    Test two similar offers from different companies in the same campaign to find the best converting product.

Check also our detailed guide to AB testing for affiliate marketers.

2. Increase your email conversions with an autoresponder sequence

Make sure to grow an email list in your niche. An email list gives you a direct communication line with your audience. This makes it possible for you to promote affiliate offers directly to your target group. Start building an email list using pop ups and integrated sign-up forms on your website. For more tips on setting up your email list for affiliate marketing: How to build an email list for affiliate marketing.

Same audience, multiple promotions

Let’s say you run a paid advertising promotion that breaks even, or you have an affiliate campaign that is converting but you want to get more out of your efforts. In these cases, email marketing is the way to go. 

To make campaigns profitable and get more conversions, create an email sequence flow. This allows you to promote the same product multiple times to your audience. An email sequence gives you multiple chances to convince your reader to try the product. It also makes it possible to promote multiple offers at the same time to the same traffic source. 

Good email marketing requires some planning. It is key that your sequence is based on your readers interest, and that you provide informational and entertaining content. The great thing about an email sequence is that you don’t have to spend much time on it once it’s set up. Occasionally, you might want to change your promotions, depending on the results you get. Other than that, it’s all automated! You can also learn how to boost your affiliate marketing with email campaigns.

3. Work with quality offers and publishers

When it comes to picking companies and offers to work with, almost every niche has a lot of options. Spend your time working with top merchants that offer industry standard commissions and bonus rewards. Choose to work with companies that have a solid reputation in your niche and are regarded as trustworthy. 

Only promote quality offers with good reviews. There is a direct link between the amount of conversions you make and the quality of the product. And since there are so many offers to choose from, why not pick the best? 

If you want to establish yourself as an expert in your niche, you only want to spend time talking about the best and most innovative products in your industry. No need to risk your credibility by promoting products of doubtful quality. Set yourself up for success by working with great companies and great offers.

4. Use incentives to increase your sales

The level of competition in affiliate marketing is high. Make your affiliate offers stand out by offering bonuses to your audience. Many affiliate marketers offer something in return for buying through their affiliate link. This can be anything from an extra product, to a discount code, to cash back etc. 

Before you offer a bonus, calculate your bonus costs and ROI (return on investment). Bonuses come in especially handy when offering affiliate products and services with a high price. 

Offering a bonus in exchange for buying through your affiliate link works because:

  • It can make hesitant readers decide to purchase.
  • Well-picked bonuses add value to your affiliate offer. 
  • Many readers love extras and don’t want to miss out on a (temporary) bonus. 

Don’t repeat and overdo your bonus promotion, this will make your offer less attractive to your audience. Always check with your affiliate manager if incentives are allowed. 

Two Important rules to make your bonus offer appealing:

  • Offer a bonus that is highly related to your affiliate product promotion.
  • Clearly display the amount of money your bonus is worth. 

Use these strategies to improve your conversions and your sales will increase in no time.

If you want to learn more strategies to improve your affiliate sales, have a look at these 4 Best Practices for Affiliates to Gather Qualified Leads.

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