Marketing Intelligence Cloud

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  • All reporting tools under one license

    The Marketing Intelligence Cloud license is designed to be multi-destination, allowing you to crunch numbers in a spreadsheet, visualize reports in Looker Studio, and store data in storage, all with one license.

  • Data blending and custom fields

    Data transformation features are part of every Cloud license. You’ll get that holistic view of your performance by blending together multiple sources. You can also manage and edit existing fields or create new ones with custom fields.

  • Supermetrics Storage

    The license includes opt-in storage, allowing you to create a historical data repository and ensure future use cases for reporting, such as marketing mix modeling and predictive analysis.

  • Pre-made templates, charts, and AI

    Visualize your marketing results using templates and customize them to align with your brand. Use the AI summary feature to speed up time to insights.

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Supermetrics Marketing Intelligence Cloud

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Data sources available


Ready-made reporting templates


Data Blends used in reports


Data fields transformed to fit business needs

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