Usage limits

There are some limitations in using the Supermetrics API, both technical and specifically based on your license.

API rate limiting

Supermetrics API enforces per-second rate limits depending on a variety of factors including license and ip address. In general, our rate limits should be permissive enough to accomplish most tasks. We suggest that you limit your requests to 20 requests per second.

These limits include all requests to Supermetrics API. When you are making too many requests, and the rate limit has been exceeded, response code 429 will be returned.

429 Too Many Requests

Please be aware: Supermetrics reserves the right to change rate limits in the future without prior notice to ensure the health and stability of the Supermetrics API.

Query concurrency limits

Supermetrics API executes all data source queries with restricted, license-specific concurrency. This means your queries will be placed in a queue instead of being resolved immediately. The queue will be emptied a few queries at a time in the order they were received, with a limited concurrency defined by your license.

In addition, if you perform duplicate identical queries at the same time, only the first request will perform the query. Other requests will wait for the first request to finish. The maximum amount of duplicate waiting requests is currently 10 requests.

Please contact us for any changes to these limits for your license.

Data source limits

Data source API providers also have limits on how much and how fast data can be retrieved.

We do our best to accommodate your queries, but some limitations are beyond our control. Please see our support documentation for known daily delivery quotas and verify that your data needs are within these restrictions.

We would be happy to help you with related questions.

License limits

The following limits are applied to Supermetrics API licenses by default. All limits are subject to change in accordance with our Terms of Service.

Query duration Maximum amount of time a query can run is 4 hours. When reached, the query fails with an error.
Result rows per query Maximum of 1,000,000 rows per query. If a query asks for more than the maximum value allowed with the query parameter max_rows, request is rejected.
Queries per day, per data source Maximum of 100 queries per day, per data source, for trial licenses. All accepted query data endpoint requests are counted. Day is based on UTC timezone.
Duplicate queries Maximum of 10 duplicate identical queries running at the same time. See query concurrency limits for more details.

Please do remember to ask us for any questions or changes to the limits.

Best practices

  • Avoid sending requests to Supermetrics API in short bursts to avoid rate limit issues. Make sure there is sufficient time between requests.

  • Use asynchronous queries to schedule more than one query first, and then poll for the results.


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Last updated 2023-02-28 UTC.