Semrush Analytics Updates

Updates on the Semrush Analytics data source, including new metrics, dimensions, and other features.

September 2021


Data source name has been adjusted from SEMrush Analytics to Semrush Analytics as to align with Semrush’s brand guidelines.

Jan. 2021


New report type added for "Domain organic pages".

March 2020

2020-03-10 -

The following fields have been marked as deprecated due to changes in the API and will no longer provide data after Match 25th, please remove or replace them:

  • Page score
  • Page trust score
  • Domain score
  • Domain trust score

The following new score fields have been added:

  • Authority score
  • Page authority score
  • Domain authority score

Jan. 2020


New report type added "Subdomain Ranking".

Aug. 2018

2018-08-16 - The following metric has been added for domain and keyword-related queries:

  • display_date

April 2018


Added support for the "Portugal" SEMrush database.