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Google Search Console Updates

Updates on the Google Search Console data source, including new metrics, dimensions, and other features.

January 2022


Support has been added for the Discover and Google News search types.

September 2021


Discrepancy correction setting now defaults to “Aggregate-level correction” behavior. It also includes a new “Disabled” option, if users do not want any corrections.

April 2021


We have implemented the changes to the Google Search Console API to allow for fresh data. This has been added as the default behavior to the connector. You can revert to fetching only finalized data with the new advanced setting "Include only finalized results".

Jan. 2021

2021-01-25 - 

New dimensions added for Landing Page Analysis:

  • Landing page title tag
  • Landing page H1 tag
  • Landing page meta description tag
  • Landing page canonical tag
  • Landing page meta viewport tag
  • Landing page meta content type tag
  • Landing page meta robots tag
  • Landing page Google Tag Manager ID
  • Landing page Google Analytics UA ID
  • Landing page contains search term
  • Landing page title tag contains search term
  • Landing page meta description contains search term

Feb. 2019


The following fields have been marked as "deprecated", they will return no data after March 22nd when they are removed from the GSC API. Please update your reports to remove them:

  • Error category (deprecated)
  • Response code (deprecated)
  • Page URL (deprecated)
  • First detected (deprecated)
  • Last crawled (deprecated)
  • Linked from URLs (deprecated)
  • Containing sitemaps (deprecated)
  • Error category (deprecated)
  • Googlebot user agent (deprecated)
  • Crawl date (deprecated)

June 2018

We updated the Google Search Console connectors with the API change to now allow users to pull up to 16 months of data, instead of just 9.