Field list for Quora Ads

9 metrics and 25 dimensions available

Year of week (Sun-Sat)yearOfWeekdim
Year of week (Mon-Sun)yearOfWeekIsodim
Year & monthyearMonthdim
Year & week (Sun-Sat)yearWeekdim
Year & week (Mon-Sun)yearWeekIsodim
Week (Sun-Sat)weekdim
Week (Mon-Sun)weekIsodim
Day of monthdayOfMonthdim
Day of week (Sun-Sat)dayOfWeekNamedim
Day of week (Mon-Sun)dayOfWeekNameIsodim
ACCOUNTAccount IDaccountIddim
Account nameaccountNamedim
Account currencyaccountCurrencydimPreferred currency of the ad account
CAMPAIGNCampaign IDcampaignIddim
Campaign namecampaignNamedim
AD SETAd set IDadSetIddim
Ad set nameadSetNamedim
ADAd IDadIddim
Ad nameadNamedim
STATUSRunning statusstatusdim
CONVERSION TYPESConversion typeconversionTypedimType of conversion
PERFORMANCELanding page URLlandingURLdimLanding URL of the ad
ConversionsconversionsmetConversion count, taking into account attribution window and conversion type settings
ImpressionsimpressionsmetNumber of times an ad/ad set/campaign has been seen
Conversion rate (%)conversionRate_percmetConversions per clicks
Cost per clickcpcmet
Cost per conversioncpconmet
CTR (%)ctr_percmetClicks per times seen
SPENDINGCostspendmetAdvertising spend in USD
Daily budgetdailyBudgetmetDaily budget for advertising cost
Lifetime budgetlifetimeBudgetmetBudget for advertising cost for the lifetime of a campaign
Bid amountbidAmountmetDaily budget for advertising cost