Dimension list for Google My Business

102 dimensions available

Year of week (Sun-Sat)yearOfWeek
Year of week (Mon-Sun)yearOfWeekIso
Year & monthyearMonth
Year & week (Sun-Sat)yearWeek
Year & week (Mon-Sun)yearWeekIso
Week (Sun-Sat)week
Week (Mon-Sun)weekIso
Day of monthdayOfMonth
Day of week (Sun-Sat)dayOfWeekName
Day of week (Mon-Sun)dayOfWeekNameIso
Time of dayhourHour of the day. Only valid for Phone calls.
LOCATION GROUP / BUSINESS ACCOUNTAccount IDlocation_account_idID of the location group / business account.
Account namelocation_account_nameName of the location group / business account. For personal accounts, this is the first and last name.
LOCATIONLocation IDlocation_idID of the business location.
Location namelocation_nameName of the business.
Location name & IDlocation_name_idName and ID of the business location.
Location descriptionlocation_descriptionMerchant provided description of the business.
Language codelocation_language_codeThe language of the business location.
Store codelocation_store_codeExternal identifier for the business, which is unique inside a given account.
Primary phonelocation_primary_phoneA phone number that connects to the individual business location as directly as possible.
Additional phoneslocation_additional_phonesAdditional phone numbers at which the business can be called, in addition to the primary phone number.
Regular operating hourslocation_regular_hoursOperating hours for the business.
Special operating hourslocation_special_hoursSpecial operating hours for the business. This typically includes holiday hours, and other times outside of regular operating hours.
Website URLlocation_website_urlA URL for the business.
Google+ page IDlocation_plus_page_idGoogle+ page ID for the business.
Google Ads ad phonelocation_adwords_ad_phoneAlternate phone number displayed on Google Ads location extensions.
Labelslocation_labelsA collection of free-form strings used to tag the business.
Coordinateslocation_coordinatesLocation coordinates.
Latitudelocation_latitudeThe latitude in degrees.
Longitudelocation_longitudeThe longitude in degrees.
Attributeslocation_attributesAttributes for the business location.
Price listslocation_price_listsPrice list information for the business location.
LOCATION OPEN INFOLocation statuslocation_statusIndicates whether or not the location is currently open for business.
Opening yearlocation_opening_yearThe year when the location first opened.
Opening monthlocation_opening_monthThe month when the location first opened.
Opening daylocation_opening_dayThe day when the location first opened.
LOCATION POSTAL ADDRESSAddress region codelocation_address_region_codeCLDR region code of the country/region of the address.
Address language codelocation_address_language_codeBCP-47 language code of the contents of the address.
Postal codelocation_address_postal_codePostal code of the address.
Sorting codelocation_address_sorting_codeAdditional, country-specific, sorting code.
Administrative arealocation_address_administrative_areaHighest administrative subdivision which is used for postal addresses of a country or region
Localitylocation_address_localityGenerally refers to the city/town portion of the address.
Sublocalitylocation_address_sublocalitySublocality of the address.
Address lineslocation_address_linesUnstructured address lines describing the lower levels of the address.
Recipientslocation_address_recipientsThe recipient at the address.
Organizationlocation_address_organizationThe name of the organization at the address.
LOCATION CATEGORYCategory IDlocation_category_idID of the category.
Category namelocation_category_nameName of the category.
Additional categorieslocation_additional_categoriesAdditional location categories.
LOCATION SERVICE AREABusiness typelocation_service_area_business_typeIndicates whether the business only offers services on-site at a customer location, or at both an address and on-site.
GOOGLE MAPSGoogle Maps place IDlocation_place_idGoogle Maps place ID for the location.
Google Maps URLlocation_maps_urlA link to the location on Maps
POSTPost IDpost_idThe ID of the local post.
Post language codepost_language_codeThe language of the local post.
Post creation timepost_create_timeTime of the creation of the local post.
Post modification timepost_update_timeTime of the last modification of the local post.
Post summarypost_summaryDescription of the local post.
Post action typepost_call_to_action_typeThe type of action that will be performed.
Post action URLpost_call_to_action_urlThe URL the user will be directed to upon clicking.
Post statepost_stateThe state of the post, indicating what part of its lifecycle it is in.
Post URL on Google searchpost_search_urlThe link to the local post on Google search.
Post topic typepost_topic_typeThe topic type of the local post.
POST MEDIAPost media IDpost_media_idID of the media item.
Post media formatpost_media_formatThe format of the media item.
Post media Google URLpost_media_google_urlGoogle-hosted URL for this media item. This URL is not static and may change over time.
EVENTPost event titlepost_event_titleTitle of the event.
Post event start timepost_event_schedule_start_timeStart time of the event.
Post event end timepost_event_schedule_end_timeEnd date of the event.
OFFEROffer coupon codepost_offer_coupon_codeOffer code that is usable in store or online.
Offer redeem online URLpost_offer_redeem_online_urlOnline link to redeem offer.
Offer terms and conditionspost_offer_terms_conditionsOffer terms and conditions
REVIEWSReview IDreview_idID of the review.
Star ratingreview_star_ratingThe star rating out of five, where five is the highest rated.
Reviewer namereview_reviewer_nameThe name of the reviewer.
Review commentreview_commentThe body of the review.
Review reply commentreview_reply_commentThe body of the reply to the review.
Review creation timereview_create_timeThe time when review was created.
Review modification timereview_update_timeThe time when review was updated.
Review reply timereview_reply_update_timeThe time when review was replied to.
MEDIAMedia IDmedia_idID of the media item.
Media formatmedia_formatThe media format.
Media categorymedia_categoryThe category that media item belongs to.
Location media URLmedia_google_urlGoogle-hosted URL for the location/business-uploaded media item.
Thumbnail URLmedia_thumbnail_urlURL of a thumbnail image for the media item.
Width (px)media_widthWidth of the media item, in pixels.
Height (px)media_heightHeight of the media item, in pixels.
CUSTOMER MEDIAMedia IDcustomer_media_idID of the media item.
Media formatcustomer_media_formatThe media format.
Customer media URLcustomer_media_google_urlGoogle-hosted URL for the customer-uploaded media item.
Thumbnail URLcustomer_media_thumbnail_urlURL of a thumbnail image for the media item.
Width (px)customer_media_widthWidth of the media item, in pixels.
Height (px)customer_media_heightHeight of the media item, in pixels.
CUSTOMER MEDIA ATTRIBUTIONContributor namecustomer_media_attribution_profile_nameThe user name to attribute the media item to.
Contributor photo URLcustomer_media_attribution_profile_photo_urlURL of the attributed user's profile photo thumbnail.
Takedown URLcustomer_media_attribution_takedown_urlThe URL of the takedown page, where the media item can be reported if it is inappropriate.
Profile URLcustomer_media_attribution_profile_urlThe URL of the attributed user's Google Maps profile page.
DEPRECATEDDuplicate location IDlocation_duplicate_idThe ID of the location that this duplicates. Please note that this field will be removed on 2020-03-10.
Duplicate location accesslocation_duplicate_accessIndicates whether the user has access to the location it duplicates. Please note that this field will be removed on 2020-03-10.
Duplicate place IDlocation_duplicate_place_idThe place ID of the location that this duplicates. Please note that this field will be removed on 2020-03-10.